Getting Started and FAQ

If you are interested in studying away from campus, whether abroad or in the United States, here’s how to begin the process.

Steps to Studying Abroad


Research Your Options


Discuss Your Plans During Advising



  • Complete the Elmhurst study abroad application.
  • Complete the host institution or program application.

Prepare and Go

  • Register for GLE 250 the semester before you go abroad.
  • Complete and turn in all required documentation (course approvals, visas, etc.).
  • Bon voyage!

Return and Get Involved

  • Register and attend GLE 251.
  • Complete program evaluations.
  • Consider becoming a study abroad ambassador.

Frequently Asked Questions

To participate in a study abroad program, students must be current, degree-seeking students in good academic and disciplinary standing.

RequirementFaculty-Led ProgramsSemester/Year Programs
StatusFreshman, Sophomore, Junior or Senior*Sophomore, Junior or Senior*

*It is not recommended to study abroad during your final semester at EU.

Please also review the program you are interested in for any additional requirements.

Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity to learn about the world and broaden your horizons. It gives you the chance to look at life from a different perspective and learn more about yourself and others.

It is also a valuable experience that will enhance your résumé and future career. Many employers are looking for people who have practical experience living in a different culture. Studying abroad fosters skills such as independence, resourcefulness, and the ability to deal with ambiguity.

  • J-Term: Sept. 15
  • Spring Break: Dec. 1
  • Summer: March 1
  • Fall/Summer/Year: March 1
  • Spring: Oct. 1
  • Fall/Summer/Year: March 15
  • J-Term: Sept. 20
  • Spring: Oct. 15
  • Spring Break: Dec. 15

The study abroad application is online. Find the program of your choice and click on the “Apply” button and log in with your EU credentials to create your application.

Students wishing to apply to any short-term, EU-faculty-led program must submit a $100 deposit before the application deadline. For semester, academic-year, and summer programs, you will need to complete an application directly with the host institution or program in addition to the EU application.

There are three main types of study abroad programs at EU: faculty-led, semester/yearlong and summer. Faculty-led programs take place during J-Term, Spring Break or Summer and involves an EU faculty member who takes a group of students abroad to complete a course. Semester/yearlong programs involve an EU student taking courses at a partner university/program abroad. Summer is similar to semester/yearlong but courses come back as transfer credit, and have a different financial model. Many summer programs are shorter or involve an internship.

This depends on your major and personal preference. For most students, spring of sophomore year and all of junior year are the best semesters to study abroad. Students can participate in faculty-led programs any year.

We recommend planning for your study abroad program about a year in advance, but it’s never too early to make an appointment with us!

Students can take AoK, major, minor or elective credits abroad. Most students prefer to use their semester abroad to complete AoK requirements. Working with Global Engagement, students receive pre-approval for their proposed courses during their experience abroad. All study abroad courses meet the experiential learning and intercultural global engagement requirement.

Most of our programs are English-based, and typically each university will offer some type of intensive beginner’s course for those who want to learn the native language to help you around town. For those with advanced language skills, there are a select number of programs that offer non-English courses.

Costs are highly dependent on the program you choose. If you are doing a semester or year-long program, you pay tuition directly to EU as you would if you were staying on campus. All other expenses (room and board, etc.) are paid to the institution abroad. For many programs, room and board is similar to a semester living on campus.

For full-time students participating in a faculty-led program during J-term or Spring Break, tuition is included. You will pay the cost of travel in the form of a program fee, which is listed on the program brochure. Students who are part-time or are only full-time for one semester will incur additional tuition fees.

Every Elmhurst-approved program offers scholarships. In addition, some students are eligible to apply for national scholarships such as the Gilman and Boren Awards. Visit the Scholarships and Financing page for more information.

Yes! Contact Student Financial Services for questions about your individual aid.

Yes! EU scholarships and aid are eligible for faculty-led, semester and year-long study abroad programs. There are also a variety of special study abroad scholarships available.

Students from any major can study abroad. However, it’s important that students plan ahead to ensure appropriate timing and that major/minor requirements can be met while studying away.

For students who aren’t interested in studying in a foreign country, we also have options for virtual study abroad or study away programs that take place in other cities in the U.S.

Cancellations must be submitted in writing to When you cancel will determine if you are eligible for a refund. Contact Global Engagement for more details.

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