Study Abroad Scholarships and Financing

Elmhurst University is committed to making study abroad a more integral and viable opportunity for all students.

In addition to financial aid, Elmhurst students can apply for both external and internal scholarships. Each year, Elmhurst awards $30,000+ in scholarships to help fund study abroad. There are several Elmhurst scholarships available, whether to obtain a new passport, complete service-learning abroad, or to be applied to the overall cost of studying abroad. Award amount and eligibility vary.

For our study abroad programs to be equally accessible for all students and to be able to provide financial aid, Elmhurst utilizes a Home School Tuition Model for study abroad. With this policy, tuition for a semester or year abroad will mirror a semester or year on campus: For long-term study abroad programs, students maintain full-time status at Elmhurst and pay tuition as if they were attending classes on campus. This allows students to retain their financial aid during their semester or year abroad. Please note that the Home School Tuition policy does not apply for summer study abroad programs.

Generally, students will select and pay for room and board directly with the Elmhurst partner and/or affiliate. For most programs, these fees are similar to a semester of EU campus housing.

Students will receive two invoices for the study away semester or year, a summary of which is below:

  • Bill from Elmhurst University
    • Unless a student has outstanding charges, students will find the following charges on their Elmhurst bill:
      • Elmhurst tuition
  • Bill from Program or Host Institution
    • Elmhurst only pays the tuition costs associated with the program. Students will be billed directly for non-tuition expenses which may include the following:
      • Housing
      • Meals
      • International health insurance
      • Additional Fees

Study abroad students should always take personal costs into consideration when planning their time abroad. Personal costs may include:

  • Passport Fee
  • Local Travel/Transportation
  • Airfare
  • Shopping/Clothing
  • Food
  • Visa, if applicable

Students may choose to participate in a short-term program which is typically defined as a credit-bearing course, taking place entirely abroad/away. These courses range from one to four weeks and occur during the January Term, Spring Break or over the summer. Students travel with Elmhurst faculty and a group of Elmhurst students.

J-term and Spring Break Courses

  • Tuition is included for students who attend both Fall and Spring semesters full-time.
  • Part-time students will be charged full tuition for the course.
  • Students who only attend one semester full-time and wish to participate in a J-Term program will be charged 50% of J-Term tuition.
  • Students pay the cost of travel in the form of a program fee.*

Summer Courses

  • Students pay the cost of travel in the form of a program fee.*
  • Students pay reduced tuition to cover the cost of a summer course.

*Program fees vary by program but typically include airfare, accommodations, transportation, some meals and course activities.

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