4 Resources MBA Students Can Use to Enhance Their Graduate School Experience


Did you know there are MBA resources that help you enhance your time in grad school? Read on to learn more.

A graduate education is an ideal launching pad for your business dreams, whether you hope to run your own startup or climb the corporate executive ranks.

However, while they may be your dreams, that certainly doesn’t mean you’re in it alone. Students pursuing a master of business administration know an intensive and enriching learning experience lies ahead, but they can draw on support from many corners. For instance, faculty members will be there to provide guidance and assistance. Taking advantage of resources within and outside your school is important in getting the most of your graduate school experience and earning MBA jobs you’re interested in.

Here are four such MBA resources to start with:

1. GMAT Prep

Before starting your MBA program, you’ll likely have to take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The GMAT is a well-known exam that students pursuing all sorts of advanced business degrees take to prove to schools they’re serious and capable. It’s a requirement for admission at many institutions, but not a blanket demand across the nation. For example, Elmhurst University doesn’t require a GMAT score. In any case, it’s a good idea to sit the exam regardless of your school of choice. Just as you’d study for any other test, take the time to pore over materials to prep for the GMAT. These include free official resources as well as practice exams.

2. Study Groups and Online Student Forums

While each student’s MBA experience is inherently unique, you can bet lectures will be full of others going through the same thing. Your cohort is a valuable resource—and this sentiment flows both ways, meaning you can have a lot to give them. Study groups have the dual benefit of helping you study as well as share ideas, which can enhance learning or time management strategies. Another place to look is online, where student forums offer even deeper wells of knowledge to tap.

3. Networking Events

Every business owner or leader needs their respective Rolodex of names. Perhaps a more modern alternative is a vast number of connections on Linkedin; either way, the point is anybody with business ambitions needs to have a network of professionals, colleagues, mentors and mere acquaintances they met at a trade show or conference. A graduate MBA program is a great place to start building out your network, but it’s up to you to fill it out. That means attending local networking events sponsored by business councils, or even those put on by your school, like MBA jobs fairs.

4. Newspapers and Blogs and Podcasts—Oh My!

There is a thriving business media community in America teeming with sources for you to devour and use to enrich your graduate school experience. These include traditional resources like newspapers, as well as 21st-century media such as podcasts. Regarding the former, publishers like The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider aren’t just useful for breaking news, but also insights from business experts. If reading the broadsheet doesn’t fit your likely on-the-go lifestyle, then try podcasts, which can be just as insightful and helpful.

There are many more resources you can leverage in your MBA studies than listed here, and talking with your program director can turn you in the right direction. If interested in more information about earning a Master of Business Administration, contact Elmhurst University today to learn about our robust program and dedicated MBA resources.

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Posted November 9, 2018

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