The 10 Most-Viewed Elmhurst U. Blog Posts in 2023


Your holiday season wouldn’t be complete without top 10 lists of your favorite items. So here at Elmhurst we thought we’d get into the spirit and join in. It’s countdown time!

The Elmhurst University Blog has had another successful year. However, judging by the results of our top 10, our readers enjoy the classics. Nine of our ten most-viewed posts of the past year were written prior to 2023! Here are the blogs that topped the charts this year.

The Most-Viewed Posts in 2023 Are …

An illustration of students walking up steps that spell out teacher leadership.

What Is Teacher Leadership? (#10)

In this post, Professor Meyer goes back to the foundational principles of her field of expertise.

Originally posted: March 15, 2019

integrating math blog illustrations

Integrating Math Education with Other Subjects Adds Up to Stronger Lessons (#9)

Integrating math can be as easy as adding math to other subject areas that students (and teachers) enjoy: reading, science and art.

Originally posted: April 12, 2022

Illustration of a female speech language pathologist holding a card with the letter "E" on it.

How Do I Become a Speech-Language Pathologist? (#8)

Learn more about the pathway to become a speech-language pathologist, including pursuing a graduate degree in communication sciences and disorders.

Originally posted: Feb. 14, 2023

What is community health? This colorful illustration points to "health spots" on a map, illustrating that community health is focused on protecting the health of a geographic population.

What is Community Health? (#7)

A healthy community is a happy community — but it doesn’t just happen by accident. Learn more about the role public health professionals play in achieving this big goal.

Originally posted: March 10, 2020

registered nurse blog illustration

3 Registered Nursing Requirements to Become a Nurse (#6)

This post answers a frequently asked question by those who want to become a nurse: How do I become one, and where do I go from there?

Originally posted: Oct. 8, 2019

An illustration of a woman considering applying to grad schools and weighing the different factors that will influence her decision.

Grad School 101: What to Consider Before Applying to Grad Schools (#5)

Graduate school is a major life change. Here’s what you need to know to get the process off to the best possible start.

Originally posted: March 24, 2022

This colorful illustration considers the definition of college vs, university. It features a white pencil, a pair of glasses and a student pondering the question.

College vs. University: What is the Difference? (#4)

Our name change was a big deal at the time! This piece articulates what the difference is, and why we made this change.

Originally posted: Dec. 8, 2020

An illustration depicts the process of how to generate ideas.

How to Generate Ideas (#3)

Professor Bruce Fischer specializes in innovation and entrepreneurship. He shares some of his expertise in this blog about generating ideas.

Originally posted: April 19, 2022

dnp degree blog illustration

What’s the Difference Between a DNP Degree and a Medical Degree? (#2)

Elmhurst’s Doctor of Nursing Practice program plans to launch next fall. Discover what sets the DNP credential apart from other degrees in nursing and health care.

Posted Feb. 1, 2022

What is service learning? An educational system combining theory in the classroom with real-world community service.

What Is Service Learning? (#1)

For the second year in a row, our most-viewed blog post of the year is a look at Service Learning! Dive in and see why it is a wonderful way for students to expand on the learning they do in the classroom.

Originally posted: Nov. 25, 2019

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