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At Elmhurst, you’ll learn face-to-face with talented faculty who are experienced, resourceful industry leaders. What’s more, they love to teach. Faculty advisors take a personal interest in the success of their students as they guide their students through the curriculum.

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Full-time Faculty
John M. Jeffrey
James A. Dauer
Ali Ghane
Dean Jensen

John M. Jeffrey, Ph.D.
Professor and Department Chair
Dr. Jeffrey focuses his research on programming language semantics and concurrency theory along with their use in formal methods and design patterns within software development methodologies and, in particular, to engineering programming language translation systems, such as optimizing compilers.

James A. Dauer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Dr. Dauer’s current research focuses on expert systems, which use artificial intelligence to emulate human cognition.

Ali Ghane, M.S.
Associate Professor
Prof. Ghane’s research activities center around computer networking capabilities and high-speed computing.

Dean Jensen, Ed.D., MBA
Assistant Professor
Dr. Jensen’s current research centers around the areas of Web and mobile application development, DevOps, and Cloud Computing.

Kathleen L. Rossi, M.S.
Visiting Assistant Professor
Professor Rossi's research centers around use of technology in the health care industry. Her focused interest is in artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

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