Major in Information Systems

Information technology and systems have become integral to every business environment.

A major in information systems from Elmhurst University will help you develop the skills you need to succeed in this dynamic industry—skills including system design, database and web design, performance evaluation and much more. In most years, almost 90 percent of our students find jobs in the field within a few months of graduation.

Combining coursework from computer science, information systems, mathematics and business, the major leads to a bachelor of science degree.

Major Requirements

A student majoring in information systems must take CS 220 Computer Science I, plus the computer science, information systems, math and business courses listed below. Students are encouraged to consider a minor in business administration.

Computer Science Courses

  • CS 205 Linux (.50 credit)
  • CS 315 Web Design and Programming
  • CS 360 Computer Network Systems
  • CS 440 Web-Based Applications

Information Systems Courses

  • IS 224 Visual C#
  • IS 380 Decision Support Systems
  • IS 423 Database Management Systems
  • IS 424 Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design
  • IS 425 Management Information Systems

Math Courses

  • MTH 151 Calculus I or
    MTH 126 Business Calculus
  • MTH 345 Elementary Statistics

Business Courses

  • BUS 263 Accounting and Financial Management for Non-Business Majors (required)
  • In addition, one of the following business courses is also required:
    BUS 230, BUS 250

Recommended Electives for the Information Systems Major

  • CS 225 Computer Science II
  • CS 318 Object-Oriented Design and Programming Using C++
  • MTH 152 Calculus II
  • MTH 311 Introduction to Mathematical and Computer-Based Modeling

We recommend that students take CS 255 to gain a thorough background in a programming language.

Sample Course Sequence

The following sample course sequence can be used as a guide in the selection of courses.

Fall Term

  • CS 220
  • MTH 151 or 126
  • Two Integrated Curriculum requirements

Spring Term

  • IS 224
  • BUS 263
  • MTH 345
  • One Integrated Curriculum requirement

Fall Term

  • BUS 250
  • Integrated Curriculum requirements

January Term

  • IS 423

Spring Term

  • CS 205 (.50 credit)
  • CS 315
  • Integrated Curriculum requirements

Fall Term

  • IS 380
  • Second business course
  • Integrated Curriculum requirements or elective

Spring Term

  • CS 360
  • CS 440
  • Integrated Curriculum requirements or elective

Fall Term

  • IS 424
  • Two electives

Spring Term

  • IS 425
  • Integrated Curriculum requirements or elective

The Minor

A minor in information systems is a valuable complement to the studies of business majors planning a career in the corporate world. The minor provides a solid introduction to the computing platforms and languages most commonly used in corporate applications.

Students seeking a minor in information systems must take:

  • CS 220
  • IS 380
  • IS 423
  • IS 425
  • One additional 300/400-level CSIS course

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