Careers and Outcomes

Over the past 10 years, computer technology and its applications in the business world have generated more jobs than any other area of commerce.

As an Elmhurst graduate, you’ll be ready to succeed in this in-demand field.

ACUITY recognizes the committed liberal arts culture of Elmhurst University. The culture has solidified a foundation for success within our organization based on Elmhurst graduates we have hired. We look forward to welcoming Elmhurst tech-minded graduates as we continue to grow.

ACUITY, A Mutual Insurance Company

Americaneagle primarily uses the Microsoft programming language ASP.NET. Elmhurst is one of the few colleges that trains its students in the Microsoft platform, so Elmhurst graduates don’t need much training and can hit the ground running with us. They’ve been an excellent fit within our company. The people we’ve hired also have common sense and a good work ethic. Our industry is constantly changing, and our Elmhurst graduates have done a great job of adapting as we’ve expanded into different areas.

Ryan McElrath, Chief Technology Officer,

We are pleased to be able to work with highly skilled and local talent provided by Elmhurst University for our projects. The education and experiences Elmhurst University gives its students yield all positive results for our projects. Our teams work closely with students from the CSIS department solving our business needs.

Ed Earl, Chief Information Officer, Littelfuse, Inc.

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