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The case studies used for Supply Chain Management are timely, says Ian O'Malley.
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Today’s companies need managers with a deep understanding of supply chain management (SCM). But such highly trained professionals are in short supply—consequently a master’s degree in this growing field places professionals in high demand.

Elmhurst College offers the Chicago area’s first graduate program in supply chain management. Our SCM program builds on our extensive experience as the only local provider of an undergraduate program in logistics and supply chain management. It also draws on our location at the geographic center of one of the world’s great transportation hubs.

In this program, you’ll gain a sound technical foundation. What’s more, you’ll hone skills that are critical for today’s professional: communication, negotiation, team building, information technology, analytical thinking, working in diverse business environments and sound business decision making. All course work maintains a balance between current theory and its real-world applications.

This is a 22-course, 21-month program, and you'll attend classes one evening per week. Built on a cohort model, the program embraces the College’s belief that students play a significant role in one another’s learning, motivation and success. Students who start in the Fall Term form a cohort that stays intact throughout the program. You will work closely with members of your cohort in classroom and study projects, and you’ll help one another maintain a sense of progress and achievement.

Elmhurst College is now a member of the University Center of Lake County, providing greater accessibility to the master of science in supply chain management (MS-SCM) program for professionals at the Grayslake campus.

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