M.S. in Supply Chain Management

Connecting the World

Dr. Roby Thomas, program director, talks about what makes Elmhurst’s supply chain management program unique.

When you understand a business from one end to the other, you make yourself indispensable—in a city that is one of the world’s greatest transportation and logistics hubs.

As a professional navigating a complex and global business environment, you need a degree that adds value. With Elmhurst’s MSCM you’ll offer organizations the much sought-after know-how in designing, planning and operating well-run supply chains.

You’ll be versed in the roles each functional area of a business plays in the supply chain and the cross-functional collaborative strategies needed in operating supply chains. But it will be the depth of your Elmhurst-acquired analytical skills that will give you your true leadership muscles.

A Network for the Rest of Your Professional Life

Your classmates in your cohort are business professionals who have been in the workplace for at least three years. You’ll gain a network of teachers, peers and more than 300 alumni who will support you throughout your career and connect you with employers nationally.

Program Format

  • On-campus, cohort model
  • One evening per week
  • Fall start
  • Complete in less than two years

The MBA Option

Optimize your resume. Choose The MBA Option, a one-year program for MSCM graduates that leads to a master’s in business administration, with a specialization in supply chain.

The Right People on Your Side

At Elmhurst you’re learning from experts. Our faculty have experience in strategic sourcing and purchasing, logistics, operations management, IT, e-commerce and customer relations.

They’re also dedicated to expanding your reach, with fieldwork, connections and hands-on experience.

Our students graduate with expertise across all functional areas, so they can collaboratively create solutions with colleagues throughout an organization.

Roby Thomas, Ph.D., program director

Roby Thomas, Ph.D.

Professor, Business & Economics; Program Director, M.S. in Supply Chain Management; Director, Supply Chain Think Tank
Department of Business and Economics

21 months to degree completion

$118,469 median salary for director of supply chain management, according to payscale.com

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