Curriculum & Course Sequence

The master of science in supply chain management is a rigorous, part-time program that can be completed over a 21-month period.

Courses are offered through EU-Flex. Students may attend online, on-campus, or any combination of the two.

Built on a cohort (team-focused) model, the program embraces the University’s belief that students play a significant role in supporting one another’s learning, motivation and success. Students who start in the fall term form a cohort that stays intact throughout the program. You will work closely with members of your cohort in classroom and study projects, and you’ll help one another maintain a sense of progress and achievement.

The master of science in supply chain management at Elmhurst requires the successful completion of 22 courses and a final project for a total of 9.5 credits (38 semester hours).

Course Sequence

Fall Term

  • SCM 510 Information Technology Tools
  • SCM 511 Business and Financial Strategies
  • SCM 512 Outsourcing Decisions: Selecting a Third-Party Logistics Firm
  • SCM 513 Forecasting in the Supply Chain

January Term

  • SCM 522 Benchmarking Metrics for Supply Chain Management
  • SCM 521 Inbound Logistics Strategies

Spring Term

  • SCM 530 Supplier Certification in the Supply Chain
  • SCM 531 Manufacture Decisions
  • SCM 532 Supply Chain Research and Analysis Techniques
  • SCM 533 Global Logistics Networks

Summer Term

  • SCM 540 Quality Process Management
  • SCM 541 Warehouse Management Strategies
  • SCM 575 Final Project

Fall Term

  • SCM 550 Transportation Management Strategies
  • SCM 551 Marketing and Supply Chain Networks
  • SCM 552 Inventory Strategies
  • SCM 553 Packaging Strategies

January Term

  • SCM 560 E-Commerce and the Supply Chain
  • SCM 561 Customer Relationships

Spring Term

  • SCM 570 Supply Chain Seminar
  • SCM 571 Supply Chain Information Systems
  • SCM 572 Reverse Logistics
  • SCM 573 Managing Human Resources Issues in a Global Marketplace
  • SCM 575 Final Project

Elmhurst University reserves the right to modify courses, schedules and program format without advance notice to students.

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