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Prepare to Excel in an Evolving Business Climate

With a curriculum that spans disciplines from accounting to supply chain management, Elmhurst University’s School of Business ensures that you will be ready to take on the world of work—and that you’ll succeed.

Students gain a comprehensive range of cutting-edge business knowledge and skills, along with the depth, imagination and flexibility required to adapt in the moment and thrive.

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Our location in the vibrant business corridor of west suburban Chicago leads to numerous internship and field experience opportunities. Our mentoring program brings together teams of students with a business mentor to discuss the practical realities of the business world.

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What Sets the Elmhurst University School of Business Apart

Welcome to Elmhurst University’s School of Business!

We understand furthering your education involves a significant commitment, and we appreciate your interest in Elmhurst University’s School of Business.

Why Elmhurst University’s School of Business? We are committed to delivering a personalized experience that transforms our students into business professionals with the knowledge, skills, and experiences to succeed and make a difference in the world.

We deliver on this commitment through:

Course design: At our core, the Elmhurst University School of Business curriculum offers an adaptable curriculum that integrates knowledge, professional skills and real-world application. We believe the best way to design a curriculum is to constantly collect information from the companies that hire our students. The practice of identifying cutting-edge theory that is being leveraged in the workplace helps to ensures we follow a set of best practices that provides a competitive advantage for our students to enter the workforce as high-performing individuals.

Looking for a competitive advantage? Whether you’re a business major or studying something else, the Elmhurst Edge compliments your major and sharpens your professional and people skills. Elmhurst Edge courses focus on the critical skills required for success:  communication, leadership, teamwork, technology savvy, and critical thinking. Applying what you learn with a group of your peers will give you added confidence post-graduation and build your resume.

Supportive learning environment: Teaching is our faculty’s passion. The School of Business’s faculty is comprised of scholars and practitioners who embrace hands-on, evidence-based learning in and out of the classroom. We view ourselves as mentors who see students as individuals with distinct needs and interests. Our focus is on engaging and empowering students to take ownership of their education and their future.

Inclusive opportunities: Professional experiences, such as mentoring, internships, client research, study abroad, leadership positions, and service learning enables students to apply what they have learned in the classroom and build a resume. The School of Business offers a variety of professional experiences through its institutes and corporate partnerships which are accessible to all business students regardless of major, extracurricular involvement, or work/family commitments.

We welcome you to learn more. Come visit us and see how Elmhurst University’s School of Business can best prepare you for your future.

Shaheen Wolff MBA and Siaw-Peng Wan, Ph.D., CFA, Co-Deans of the School of Business

How Elmhurst Prepares You For Your Career

Your business experience at Elmhurst will put you on the inside track when it comes to starting your career. By the time you graduate, you will have worked with businesses, taken courses from faculty who wrote the books on their subjects, and perhaps even traveled to see how commerce works in other countries. As an undergraduate, you will have worked in areas usually reserved for graduate students. And that means a lot in terms of getting off to a great start after college.

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