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Departmental Student Academic Awards and Recognition

Each year, Elmhurst University’s academic departments recognize students for their outstanding achievements. Here are the honorees for the 2019–2020 academic year.

The Latham Baskerville Award for Excellence

Established in honor of the Art Department’s first chairperson, Latham Baskerville, the award is a $200 cash honorarium to a graduating art major for excellence and distinction in the academic, social, and cultural life of the University.

  • Raymond Ryan

Award for Academic Achievement by a Graduating Senior Art Major

This award is made to a full-time senior major who achieves the highest Elmhurst University GPA with a combined GPA of 3.50 or higher.

  • Britni Barrera

Kolb Talent Award to a Sophomore Art Major

This award is made on the basis of a consistent artistic talent demonstrated in studio course work.

  • Aleksandra Zdun

Kolb Award to a Junior Art Major

This award is made on the basis of artistic talent demonstrated in studio course work and academic excellence.

  • Sydney Misiek

Kolb Talent Award to a Graduating Senior

This award is made on the basis of artistic talent demonstrated in studio course work and academic excellence.

  • Margaret Tierney

Art Alumni Talent Award to a Junior Art Major

This award was created from the proceeds of Alumni Art Auctions held during Homecoming Weekends in 1989 and in 1993. The award is a grant for art materials and supplies, which is applied in the senior year. The award is made on the basis of artistic talent demonstrated in studio course work.

  • Joshua Labuda

Sandra Jorgensen Award for Academic Achievement by a Junior Art Major

This award is made to the full-time junior art major who achieves the highest Elmhurst University grade-point average with a combined GPA of 3.50 or higher. Combined GPA means all grades are counted, including transfer credit from other institutions.

  • Arturo Magallanes

Talent Award to a Sophomore Art Major

The award is made on the basis of artistic talent demonstrated in studio course work. Initiated in May 2000 by John Pitman Weber with funds from “The Harmony of Man and Nature” mural restoration project, it is presently continued by Elmhurst University.

  • Jackson Hudec

The Harvey DeBruine Award in Biology

Family and friends of the late Dr. Harvey DeBruine, former head of the University’s Department of Biology, established a fund, the income from which is awarded annually to a junior or senior major in the department who is judged to have attained the greatest proficiency in biology.

  • Norbaya Durr
  • Rachel Mazurek
  • Dominique Terry

Senior Academic Excellence Awards in Biology

  • Alyssa Laskowski
  • Mary Lotesto
  • Nicolle Omiotek
  • Gabriella Vivacqua
  • Sarah Volle

Junior Academic Excellence Award

  • Valentina Poggi
  • Elizabeth Walaszczyk

Sophomore Academic Awards

  • Safiya Farooqi
  • Huda Khan

Freshman Academic Awards

  • Nina Pasquini
  • Rahul Rajput
  • Julia Zickus

The Follstad Scholarship in Biology

Established by Harold C. Follstad in 1989 in memory of his son, Carl ’69, this award is available to full-time juniors and seniors majoring in biology.

  • Andrew Archundia
  • Faye Vasilopoulos
  • Alec Verven

Dr. William J. Mandy Scholarship

Established in 2000 by Rosalie Mandy ’61, in honor of her late husband. Candidates for this scholarship must be biology majors who will be identified by members of the biology faculty and must be entering their junior or senior year.

  • Edith Mercado
  • Makayla Clark

Jim Berry Chair’s Award

Presented to students who show the greatest improvement as biology students at Elmhurst University and the greatest potential for success in a career in biology.

  • Maria Soto
  • Katie Walls

Elizabeth Ellen Thompson Koppenaal Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes a senior, female premedical student. The award is based on demonstrated academic excellence, strong character and values, and a desire to become a health care professional.

  • Mallory Burke

Outstanding Senior in the Department of Business and Economics

Recognizes academic accomplishment, service to the University, service to the community and co-curricular activity.

  • Stacie Harms

The 2019 Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award

Provided by the Education Service Bureau of The Dow Jones & Company, Inc. of Princeton, NJ.

  • Catherine Callaghan
  • Kennedy Maas Gebel

Outstanding Student in Accounting

  • Stacie Harms

Outstanding Student in Business Administration

  • Kennedy Maas Gebel

Outstanding Student in Finance

  • Alec VanVolkenburg

Outstanding Student in International Business

  • Meg Simon

Outstanding Student in Logistics and Supply Management

  • Luke Deel

Outstanding Student in Management

  • Oliver Saile

Outstanding Student in Marketing

  • Angeline Orrico

Outstanding Economics Major of the Year Award

This award is given to a senior economics major who is distinguished by exceptional academic achievement in the field of economics.

  • Catherine Callaghan

The Kenne Bristol Scholarship Recipients

  • Nicholas Grazier
  • Sadiya Khan
  • Rachel Shuty

The Margaret and Milton F. Darr Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Economics

  • 2018-2019 recipient: Catherine Callaghan

The Raymond H. and Marie W. Giesecke/McGraw Foundation Endowed Scholarship in Accounting and/or Finance

  • Randall Basilio 
  • Regine Basilio 
  • Hayden Madsen-Gross 
  • Janay Parker
  • Jennifer Szpyt 
  • Isabel Trejo

The Patricia Denman Scholarship

  • Carolina Mata
  • Susana Silva
  • Abigail Kroll

D.K. Hardin Market Research Scholarship Recipients

  • Dr. Saumya Chintamaneni
  • Sarah Lichtenwalter
  • Arielle Green

The Jean Sander Scholarship

  • Florian Tochie Feussi
  • Theadora Iacobellis 
  • Nicholas Marino
  • Casandra Ortiz
  • Mark Picardi

The Don Sveen Accounting Scholarship

2018-2019 recipient: Rachel Shuty

The Dr. George Thoma Scholarship

2018-2019 recipients: Ashley Jayko, Allyson Lederman, Alexandra Madden

The Lloyd J. Palmer/Nalco Chemical Company Endowed Scholarship in Chemistry

This award honors Lloyd J. Palmer, retired executive vice president of Nalco Chemical Company and former chairperson of the University’s Board of Trustees. The scholarship, created in 1993 to assist full-time chemistry majors with financial need, also recognizes the long history of affiliation between Nalco and the University.

Level 1
  • Nevin Brittain
  • Amanda Lams
Level 2
  • Eric Berezne
  • Jennifer Solis
  • Andrew Matuszewski
  • Steven Hereth
  • Helena Janev
  • Wasay Sharif
Level 3
  • Anthony Avalos
  • Dacey Lorraine Maglaque
  • Aya Ihmoud

The David and Judy Bertran Endowed Scholarship for Chemistry

This award, gifted by Board of Trustee member David Bertran and his wife, Judy, assists a junior or senior chemistry or biochemistry major with financial need who has demonstrated a strong academic record.

  • Roxanne Siuda

Rudolf J. Priepke Award for Scholastic Achievement in Chemistry

  • Dacey Lorraine Maglaque
  • Courtney O’Donnell

Analytical Chemistry Award

  • Britta Schwartz

Sophomore Organic Chemistry Award

  • Chris Nieto

CRC Award in Freshman Chemistry

  • Sarah Toay

ACS Inorganic Chemistry Award

  • Roxanne Siuda

ACS Physical Chemistry Book Award

  • Courtney O’Donnell

The John and Barbara Ganchoff Scholarship

This award was established by John Ganchoff, retired professor of chemistry, and honors his wife, Barbara. The scholarship was created to assist students who are pursuing a degree in chemistry, who plan to have a career related to the medical field or attend graduate school.

Level 1
  • Sarah Toay
Level 2
  • Deandra Ortiz Bejarano
  • Dana Jabaji
  • Juliane Thomas
Level 3
  • Roxanne Siuda

Donald R. Low Award in Communication

Presented to a senior communication student who has an outstanding academic record and demonstrates strong oral and written communication skills, this award is named in honor of Dr. Don Low for his 29 years of service to the Speech Communication department as an outstanding professor, respected chair, and trusted mentor.

  • Emily Marquez
  • Sophia Tuliglowski

Deatra Sullivan-Morgan Award in Communication

Presented to a senior communication student who exemplifies the Elmhurst spirit by demonstrating high idealism and a desire to succeed. This award is named in honor of Dr. Deatra Sullivan-Morgan for her 20 years of service to the Communication department as a beloved professor and colleague.

  • Hannah Brummer
  • Lauren Hill

Outstanding Graduating Senior in CSD

  • Kathryn Clark

Outstanding Academician in CSD

  • Elizabeth Kolell

Outstanding Researcher in CSD

  • Ariana Cardenas

Albert H. and Iona D. Glos Scholarship in Speech

This scholarship provides assistance for students majoring in speech-language pathology.

  • Celina Wlodarski
  • Aurora Gabriel
  • Anneliese Divito
  • Megan Dorn
  • Lindsay Pina Garcia
  • Ana Romo
  • Adam Fritzshall
  • Genie Guerra
  • Andoni Jonas
  • Amy Nelson

The Jack and Sandy Terrill Scholarship

This award recognizes women majoring in Communication Sciences and Disorders who have made outstanding contributions to the campus community.

  • Jennifer Quinones

The Sean Beltowski Award

This award recognizes students majoring in Communications Sciences and Disorders who have demonstrated an active interest in working with children with autism.

  • Celina Wlodarski

Rose Weigand Memorial Scholarship

  • Ariana Cardenas
  • Habiba Ishtiaq

Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

This award is given annually to an outstanding graduating senior in the CSIS department. Recipients are chosen for their passion for the field and learning, professional qualities, proven leadership and academic accomplishments.

  • Sarah Jean Dickey

Thaskala—Education Recognition Awards

The Thaskala Award is given to one student in each of the majors for scholarship and promise as a teacher.

  • Early Childhood Education: Stefani Martinez
  • Elementary Education: Sarah Ramahi
  • Music Education: Christina Wisniewski
  • Special Education: Yukari Finley

Whitener Scholarship

This scholarship was established by John A. and Betty R. Stastny in recognition and memory of the lifelong commitment to excellence in education demonstrated by Raymond L. and Mary F. Whitener. Whitener Scholars will be expected to exemplify, and instill in others, a lifelong desire to learn, the ability to solve problems and thinking clearly and independently, and a sense of obligation to not only sustain and improve oneself but also to contribute to the betterment of the larger society.

  • 2018-2019 recipients: Frida Barajas, Almass Khan, Yesenia Nunez, Kera Bjerga, Michael Crisantos

Karl H. Carlson Awards for Creative Writing

The Department of English has established, in honor of the late Karl H. Carlson, awards for excellence in short story and poetry writing.

  • First Place: “an immodest proposal” Ashley Lao
  • Second Place: “Break and Bake” Kristin Kelly
  • Honorable Mentions: “Glass, Skin, Paper Lungs” Rachel Sherman, “Changeling” Riley Deahl, “The Cavalrymen and Their General” Afaaf Amatullah
  • First Place: “Baltic: A Sestina” Isabella Willms-Jones
  • Second Place: “Seeds of the Sea” Norbaya Durr
  • Honorable Mentions: “from Pelops to his Father” Ashley Lao, “Mirihmah the Ottoman” Norbaya Durr, “Hallowed Bones of Falling Birds” Nicholas Redmond, “if Icarus Was Born Today” Suzanne Lange

Outstanding Graduating English Major GPA

From a bequest of Pearl L. Robertson, given to the graduating English major with the highest grade-point average in Department of English classes over a four-year period.

  • Sarah Reynolds

Swords Memorial Award for Literary Study

Given annually in memory of Robert Swords and Barbara Winchester Swords, beloved and stalwart members of the English faculty and wider University community, to the senior English major who demonstrates the strongest aptitude, performance, passion and future promise in literary study.

  • Sarah Ali

Lively Memorial Award for Creative Non-Fiction

Given annually in memory of William Westley Lively, husband of English Department Faculty member, Dr. Janice Tuck Lively, for excellence in creative non-fiction writing.

  • First Place: “Coming to Terms With Death, Reincarnation, and Microbiology” Ashley Lao
  • Second Place: “The dichotomy of death” Josie Zabran

Participants in the Oxford University Program

The Middlebury Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, Keble College of Oxford University:

  • Kenneth Dantes

Colin Pascoe Memorial Scholarship

  • Afaaf Amatullah
  • Sarah Tenuta

Laurie Rich Light of Knowledge Scholarship

  • 2018-2019 recipient: Syeda Sameeha

The Leader Newspaper Awards

The Illinois College Press Association 2019 Awards for Excellence in Illinois College Newspapers

Open Category (Statewide Competition)
  • 1st Place Graphic Illustration: Julia Zawitkowska
  • 2nd Place Editorial Cartoon: Raymond Ryan
  • 3rd Place Special Supplement: Orientation Issue
  • Honorable Mention Film Review: Andrew Cripe
Non-Dailies (under 4,000 enrollment)
  • 1st Place General Excellence: Leader Staff
  • 1st Place Sports Column: Josie Zabran
  • 1st Place Feature Story: Syeda Sameeha
  • 1st Place Editorial: Leader Editorial Board
  • 2nd Place Feature Photo: Lexi Holmes
  • 2nd Place Sports Game Story: Josie Zabran
  • 3rd Place General News Photo: Lexi Holmes
  • 3rd Place Sports News: Josie Zabran
  • Honorable Mention Sports Column: Josie Zabran
  • Honorable Mention Editorial: Leader Editorial Board

Outstanding Senior in Geography and GIS

In recognition of superior academic and professional accomplishment by a senior Geography and GIS major.

  • Scott Marcus

Outstanding Senior History Major of the Year Award

Given to a senior history major who is distinguished by an exceptional GPA in history courses and is the consensus choice of the members of the department. The recipients shall be given a book award.

  • Hollee Czajka (Outstanding History/Social Science Education Student)
  • Ken O’Leary
  • Katie Skoufes

Outstanding Student Service Award in the Department of Intercultural Studies

Recognizes an outstanding intercultural studies student who has actively participated in promoting social justice through service to the University and to the community. Special consideration is given to the students who plan to enroll in graduate studies and/or to work for a not-for-profit organization after obtaining an undergraduate degree. Eligible students are majoring in intercultural studies and have maintained a 3.5 GPA and have successfully completed at least 64 semester hours of undergraduate study.

  • Rachel Holesha
  • Madeline Wrzeciona

Outstanding Graduating Senior Award

  • Jacqueline Hardy
  • Elizabeth Kolell

Eileen Hackman Student Achievement Award

The M. Eileen Hackman Student Achievement Award was established by the Department of Kinesiology to honor Eileen for her 28 years of service to the department and to Elmhurst University. The award is given annually to outstanding students for their academic accomplishments and professional qualities displayed in their respective fields of study.

Outstanding Student in Physical Education
  • Bradley Cardott
Outstanding Student in Exercise Science
  • Megan Lieberenz
  • Terry Romero
  • Julia Swider
Outstanding Student in Sport Management
  • Jake Taheney

Mary Hart Zink Awards to Graduating Senior Mathematics Major

Given to one or more outstanding graduating senior mathematics majors, this award is named in honor of Mary Hart Zink, who served in the mathematics department at Elmhurst University 1943–1945, 1948–1949, and 1958–1970. During her last eleven years at Elmhurst, she served as chairperson of the mathematics department.

  • Sarah Dickey
  • Ryan Dela Cruz
  • Sevdije Perezic
  • Monika Kadlckova

Mathematical Association of America Award to Junior Mathematics Majors

Given to a junior mathematics major in any concentration, this award honors outstanding academic accomplishment in mathematics.

  • Anna Frantzis
  • Marcel Prokop

Frank B. Allen Award to a Junior Mathematics Major

Given to an outstanding junior mathematics major in education, this award is named in honor of Frank B. Allen, who served the mathematics department at Elmhurst University 1968–1979, and as chairperson of the department 1971–1975.

  • Nicholas Rogers

The Emmanuel Family Guitar Scholarship

The Emmanuel Family Guitar Endowed Scholarship was created through the generosity of Elmhurst alumnus Fred Gretsch ’71, his wife, Dinah, and the Gretsch Company. The scholarship was established this past fall to honor Grammy-nominated guitarist, composer and performer Tommy Emmanuel and the memory of his sister, Virginia, and brother, Phil. These are the first recipients of the Emmanuel Family scholarship.

  • Daniel Cortez
  • Matthew Zoppa

The Jim Cunningham Memorial Jazz Band Scholarship

Jim Cunningham, Dean of Students Emeritus, passed away on April 6, 2013. With the demise of the American College Jazz Festival in 1976, Jim single-handedly created the Elmhurst University Jazz Festival. He shifted the focus from competition to education, creating an environment where the collegiate musicians could not only perform but also learn from the pros. The Festival is truly his legacy on this campus. Beyond all of this, Jim was also a superb Dean of Students and a gifted teacher in the Department of Education. To honor his legacy, the Jim Cunningham Jazz Scholarship Fund has been created. This scholarship is to be awarded annually to a deserving student or students who participate in the Jazz Band.

  • Gabrielle Juskey
  • Kyle Kotula

The Sherratt Scholarships in Music

Established in 1981, this scholarship is for full-time music majors who demonstrate strong musicianship and are active in the music department. A 3.0 GPA is required.

  • Julia Padilla
  • Heidi Pohl
  • Nina Rauzi
  • Diego Rodriguez
  • Noel Saldierna
  • Madelyn Soldan
  • Matthew Smith
  • Adrian Trujillo
  • Hannah Wilger

Caroline R. Baltzer Music Scholarship

Caroline R. Baltzer established this endowed scholarship in 1997 to recognize her family’s long history with the United Church of Christ. The scholarship supports music majors who are full-time students and are active in music department organizations. A 3.0 GPA is required.

  • Heather Anderson
  • Andrew Bryant
  • Megan Corkey
  • Colin Curatolo
  • Jenna Garcia
  • Emma Germann
  • Kevin Holt
  • Kyle Kotula
  • Jennifer Manspeaker
  • Alexandra Overland
  • Cristina Rodriguez
  • Diego Rodriguez

Mike and Wilma Delaney Scholarship

This scholarship is for full-time music education majors with financial need. A 2.75 GPA is required.

  • Koryana Boyle
  • Deisy Garcia
  • Jenna Garcia
  • Matthew Garcia
  • Uriel Hernandez

Ross Kellan Music Education Fund

  • Melissa Caballero
  • Robin Campos
  • Kevin Holt
  • Randy Vicencio

Sylvia and William Gretsch Endowed Scholarship

Fred Gretsch, a 1971 alumnus, created with an initial gift in 1991 from the foundation, which like this award, is named for his parents. Recipients are music business majors with a strong interest in the music industry. A 2.5 GPA is required.

  • Victor Abbate
  • Jared Brown
  • Daniel Cortez
  • Zhanner Davis
  • Juliette Gardiner
  • Taya Lema
  • Katharine O’Connor
  • Matthew Zoppa

Harold and Harriet Norlie Jazz Band Scholarship

Through their estates, these two long-time neighbors of the University made a gift for the endowed scholarship. The award is restricted to members of the Elmhurst University Jazz Band who are enrolled in a full-time course of studies. A 2.5 GPA is required.

  • Alan Batek
  • Colin Curatolo
  • Juliette Gardiner

Daniel Bachar Scholarship

  • Jelena Obretkovich
  • Malina Prodan

David Austin Scholarship

  • Sarah Gross
  • Kristina Talia
  • Alexandra Williams

Duke Kramer Scholarship

  • Victor Abbate
  • Jared Brown
  • Gizel Issa
  • Katharine O’Connor
  • Matthew Zoppa

Music Merit Scholarship

  • Radoslaw Czech
  • Deisy Garcia
  • Jenna Garcia
  • Robert Kildow

Orth Scholarship

  • Andrew Moreno
  • Diana Perez
  • Malina Prodan
  • Christian Sanchez

T. Howard Krueger Scholarship

  • Khadijah Leverette
  • Kristopher Kusnierz

Amy and John Allen Scholarship

  • Gabrielle Juskey
  • Khadijah Leverette
  • Maisie Steele
  • Matthew Smith
  • Adrian Trujillo

Jazz Band Merit Scholarship

  • Andrew Bryant
  • Matthew Garcia
  • Andrew Moreno
  • Diego Rodriguez
  • Christian Sanchez

Susan Moninger Scholarship

  • Evan Caverly
  • Stephanie Cipolla
  • Ethan Jankowski
  • Alexandra Overlan

Elsevier Student Achievement Award

Presented to the student who best embodies the hallmark of the Elmhurst experience—exceptional commitment to self-formation and professional preparation.

  • 2018-2019 recipient: Beth Basile

Virginia Wenk Memorial Award

Presented in memory of one of the nursing department’s original faculty members. We honor Virginia’s impact on nursing practice and nursing education by bestowing this annual award. The undergraduate student chosen for this award demonstrates the qualities of leadership, high professional standards, engagement in creative endeavor and commitment to improving the quality of nursing care.

  • 2018-2019 recipient: Eimy Zuniga

The Paul and Lois Umbeck Endowed Work/Study Scholarship

This scholarship aids students who are chosen on the basis of academic achievement, interest in health care and potential for human service. Such students will work as part-time health care interns at nearby Advocate Health Systems facilities while enrolled in their college course of study.

  • Kayli Benak
  • Monika Bodganosvka
  • Kirsten DeArvil
  • Cassidy Feddersen
  • Emmy Gryna
  • Osvaldo Jimenez
  • Carina Mora
  • Giselle Vasquez
  • Grace Velez

The Dr. Ed and Kay Cannon Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Following the joint venture with Advocate Health Care, Elmhurst University nursing students became eligible to receive the earnings from an endowment of the Evangelical Health Foundation originally created to assist students of the Evangelical School of Nursing.

  • Renee Cacioppo
  • Brianna Ptaszek

The Earle Darby Harmon III Endowed Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Earle D. Harmon Jr., Darby’s parents, established this award in 1991 for nursing students planning a career in psychiatric health care.

  • Emilee Kottmeier
  • Krist Monroy
  • Ajla Hadzisalihovic

Elmhurst Memorial Hospital Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 1983 for the benefit of academically eligible students, with demonstrated financial need, pursuing a full-time course of study.

  • Vanessa Alli

The DuPage County Health Improvement Association Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship, established in 1992, was created from proceeds of the dissolution of the DuPage County Health Improvement Association, an organization created to give individuals access to group rates for Blue Cross/Blue Shield. The fund provides nursing scholarships.

  • McKenna Walsh
  • Theresa Giordano

Jane Metcalf Camp Scholarship

This scholarship was created by Dr. Judy Diekmann, former associate professor of nursing, as a memorial to honor her sister. Recipients must be junior or senior nursing students with preference given to single parents.

  • Joanna Juskiewicz
  • Theresa Marcello

Kroehler Family Scholarship

This endowed scholarship fund was established in 1994 by the wife and children of the late Rev. Henry G. Kroehler, Class of 1927. This scholarship is available to full-time students who are academically eligible, demonstrate financial need and are preparing for the ministry, Christian service, nursing or social service.

  • Amanda Rodriguez

Diane Tyrrell Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded a full-time nursing student.

  • Elie Heidenreich

Julia P. House Scholarship

This scholarship was established in 2000. This scholarship will benefit nursing majors in their junior or senior year.

  • Bailee Kranz

L. Bajgrowicz Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a non-traditional-age upperclassman nursing student.

  • Abby Baumann

Jan’s Scholarship

  • Justine Balousek
  • Paulina Hernandez
  • Nicole Kim
  • Holland Kosiek
  • Iana Mamalat
  • Anusha Noor Ali
  • Jesscia Perez
  • Emily Ramirez
  • Milena Sorgura
  • Jaclyn Stears

Robert J. Clark Scholarship in Philosophy

This is awarded to the most outstanding undergraduate(s) major in philosophy. Scholarship recipients are measured by their performance in the major courses in philosophy, the likelihood of being a solid candidate for graduate education in philosophy, and their passion for and service to the field.

  • Joshua Gablin

28th Annual Earl C. Swallow Chairperson’s Book Award in Physics

This award is given to junior or senior physics majors who show outstanding promise and achievement.

  • Michael Griffin

Outstanding Political Science Major of the Year

  • Kenneth O’Leary

The David S. Lindberg Mock Trial Award

Dr. David S. Lindberg was a valued member of the Elmhurst University community for 40 years. From 1967 when he joined the faculty until his retirement in 2007, he served the college in a variety of roles, most notably as chair of political science, pre-law advisor and director of the mock trial team. He inspired students and colleagues alike with the breadth of his knowledge, his expertise in political philosophy and law, and his passion for teaching.

  • Alexandria Schultz

Psychology Department Recognition Awards

The psychology department recognition award is given to juniors and seniors who have been voted by the psychology faculty members as being outstanding students in areas of academic, service and research assistant experiences.

  • Jennifer Deren
  • Nazia Khan
  • Corrin Stines
  • Ayesha Mohammed
  • Mary Ovan
  • Kathleen Soverino

The Niebuhr Award for Academic Excellence in Religious Studies

This award recognizes the highest level of scholarship and academic achievement of a senior student who is a major in the department. Criteria for the award include membership in Theta Alpha Kappa (the national honor society for the study of religion) and a minimum grade-point average of 3.5 in religious studies courses.

  • Kayli Benak
  • Alisa Carrico

Peter M. Blau Award in Sociology

Awarded to the outstanding graduating senior in sociology, the award is named in honor of Peter M. Blau ’42, Doctor of Humane Letters ’74, a leading figure in sociology throughout the second half of the 20th century. Dr. Blau made major contributions to the study of macrostructure, was one of the founders of the field of organizational sociology, and co-authored a study of the American occupational structure that transformed the study of social inequality and social mobility.

  • Tamara Quinones

C.C. Arends Scholarship

The late C.C. Arends, emeritus professor and former chair of the Department of Speech Communication, established two scholarships for students majoring in speech communication or theatre. The scholarships are granted on the basis of the applicants’ participation in speech activities.

  • Brianna Key
  • Mary Margaret Tarsitano

Helga and Tony Noice Theatre Scholarship

  • 2018-2019 recipient: Nate Dorband

Michael and Wilma Delaney Theatre Scholarship

  • Caryna Martinez-Rios

Kristin Spangler Memorial Scholarship

  • Linnea Groom

Theatre Leadership Scholarships

  • Claire Christie
  • Emma Corum
  • Hunter Gibson
  • Ethan Jankowski
  • Brianna Key
  • Joe Moerschel
  • Rebecca Munoz
  • Leah Schult
  • Reece Sweeney
  • Mary Margaret Tarsitano
  • Stephanie Turner
  • Alexa Williams
  • Emily Zachman

Theatre Talent Scholarships

  • Amber Bretana
  • Lindsay Janicki
  • Alexa Nastasi
  • Jorge Vega

Nominees for the Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Competition, 2019

  • George Martinez, From Up Here
  • Alexandra Williams, From Up Here
  • Marissa Banker, Violet
  • Brianna Key, Kindertransport
  • Mary Margaret Tarsitano, Kindertransport
  • Linnea Groom, Cabaret
  • Emily Cooper, Cabaret
  • Gina Robertelli, On the Verge
  • Amber Bretana, On the Verge

LMDA/KCACTF Student Dramaturgy Award Competition: Participant

  • Marissa Banker and Rebecca Munoz, Kindertransport

Region III Certificate of Merit

  • Kirstin Palatinus, Dialect Coach, Kindertransport

Abner S. Ganet Scholarship for Urban Studies

Established in 1985 by family and friends to recognize Ganet’s services as mayor of the City of Elmhurst. It recognizes good scholarship from an urban studies program major.

  • Emily Clausen
  • John Compton
  • Arlette Nunez-Martinez
  • Alexandria Schultz

Andrew K. Prinz Scholarship

Established in 1990 by urban studies program alumni to recognize Prinz’s initiation and development of the interdisciplinary program. It recognizes good scholarship from an urban studies major.

  • 2018-2019 recipients: Natalie Barnes, Daniela Barca, Stephanie Hahn-Silva

Annual World Languages, Literatures and Cultures Award

This award, consisting of a cash prize, certificate of recognition, and gift from the faculty, recognizes a student whose academic excellence, service in the field of study, and strong character best exemplify the values and mission of the Department of World Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

  • Krystal Rosales

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