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Faculty Awards

The following faculty members were recognized for their achievements during the 2019–2020 academic year.

President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

This annual award recognizes the exemplary teaching of two faculty members.

  • Jane Cannata, Elmhurst Learning and Success Academy
  • Amy Lyn McDonald, Department of Theatre and Dance

Faculty Summer Research Grants

The Faculty Development Committee, in cooperation with the Center for Scholarship and Teaching, provides annual grants to support faculty projects including research, writing, and creative endeavors. The application process is competitive. Proposals are reviewed by the committee.

  • Evans Afenya, Mathematics, “Mathematical Modeling of Inflammation Intertwined with Cancer Within the Immune System Milieu”
  • David Brown and Dean Jensen, Computer Science and Information Systems, “Virtual Reality Based Training in Cyber Security”
  • Juan Carlos Barrera, Business and Economics, “Information Security Awareness: An Inquiry into Higher Education”
  • Rafael Blanco, Art, “Picturing the City: One Portrait A Day”
  • Amy Hebert, Biology, “Inflammation Beyond the Immune System: How is it Impacting Neurodegeneration?”
  • Jacob Hill, A.C. Buehler Library; Elaine Page, A.C. Buehler Library; and Tina Kazan, Learning Center, “Checking Out Library Spaces: How University Students Use Academic Libraries and Learning Spaces (And Attracting Those Who Don’t)”
  • Kelly Mikenas, Biology, “Using Green Roofs to Simulate Climate Change and Identify Tolerant Native Plant Species of the Future”
  • Patrick Mineo, Biology, “The Effects of Gut Microbial Communities on Membrane Composition and Temperature Tolerance in the Green frog (Lithobates clamitans)”
  • Patrick Nebl, Psychology, “Using Resting State EEG and Cognitive Performance in Athletes and Non-Athletes”
  • Janice Pohl, Theatre and Dance, “Devising Theatre and Devising Assessment”
  • Jaime Zurheide, Education, “Mixed Reality Simulation vs. Traditional Role Play: Preparing Teacher Candidates to Conduct Collaborative IEP Meetings”

Grant Catalyst Stipend Awards

The Grant Catalyst Stipend Program provides a small summer stipend to individual faculty members who wish to develop and submit a major grant proposal for extramural funding. The program is competitive.

  • Financial and Academic Support for STEM Transfers (FASST) Scholarship Program:
    Stacey Raimondi, Merrilee Guenther, Elizabeth Majka
  • ISA CORES: Information Security and Assurance Centers for Outreach Research and Education: David Brown

CST Small Research Grants

  • Juan Carlos Barrera, Business and Economics, “A Study of The Influence of Demographic Factors on the Cybersecurity Awareness Level of Individuals”
  • Rebecca Leal, World Languages, Literatures and Cultures, “Flipgrid: How to Integrate it in Short-Term Study Abroad Courses”
  • Nancy Lee, Religious Studies, “Support for Commissioned Book on The Song of Songs
  • Tamara Marsh, Biology, “Anaerobic Microbial Community Structure and Ecological Analysis of Queen’s Laundry, Yellowstone National Park (YNP)”
  • Erika McCombs, English, “From Albion to Ieshia: A Transhistory of Black Demonstration and White Spectatorship”
  • Kelly Mikenas, Biology, “Using Green Roofs to Simulate Climate Change and Identify Tolerant Native Plant Species of the Future”
  • Eric Sanders, Business and Economics, “Exploring Being Scholar-Practitioners”
  • Mary Lou Stewart, Art, “Sabbatical Exhibition”
  • Lance Wilcox, English, “Johnson, Savage, and the Ascription of Agency”

The Dr. Frank Mittermeyer Health Professions Award

The Dr. Frank Mittermeyer Health Professions Award was created to honor Dr. Mittermeyer, a microbiologist/virologist, who retired from Elmhurst University after being a Professor and Chair in the Biology Department and the founder and Director of the Center for the Health Professions (now Health Professions Advising). In addition to other requirements, the recipients must be accepted into a graduate or professional program in health care to begin in the application year for the award.

  • Kristin Kelly

2019-2020 Dr. Andrew K. Prinz Travel Fellowship for Faculty

  • Kristyn Jo Benedyk, Communication and Media, “Elmhurst University Students & The Cannes Film Festival”
  • Beatriz Gomez-Acuna and Mick Savage, “SPN/KIN 392: Walking the Camino de Santiago: An Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual Journey.  IN COUNTRY RESEARCH OF EL CAMINO del NORTE”
  • Dean Jensen, Computer Science and Information Systems, “Exploring Agriculture Technology and the Internet of Things in New Zealand”

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