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Faculty Awards

The following faculty members were recognized for their achievements during the 2021–2022 academic year.

President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

This annual award recognizes the exemplary teaching of two faculty members. This year’s recipients will be announced on May 13, 2022.

Faculty Summer Research Grants

The Faculty Development Committee, in cooperation with the Center for Scholarship and Teaching, provides annual grants to support faculty projects including research, writing, and creative endeavors. The application process is competitive. Proposals are reviewed by the committee.

  • KJ Benedyk. “Pre-Production For ‘Lorem Ipsum’ Feature Film”
  • Brenda Gorman and Susanna Vargas. “Advocacy and Capacity Building for Global Equity: Access to Validated Communication Assessment Tools in Ecuador”
  • Amy Hebert and Patrick Nebl. “Exploring the Role of Chronic Stress in Learning and Memory: An insight into Neurodegenerative Diseases”
  • John Klein. “Virtual Reality and Narrative Filmmaking.”
  • Bridget O’Rourke. “The Pleasure Principle (Freudian and Tantric) in Finnegans Wake.
  • Kortney Peagram and Eric Sanders. “Global Changes in Workplace Culture Driven by COVID and Remote Work.”
  • Kathy Sexton-Radek. “Circadian Rhythm Measurement of Sleep Quality in Young Adult University Students.”
  • Soni Simpson. “Sunsource: A Case Study in Exponential Growth through Leadership Development.”
  • Simeon Stumme. “Reshaping Curriculum through Funds of Knowledge: An Autoethnographic Approach.”
  • Teri Walker. “Political and Social Activism: The Power of Political Messaging in Quilts.”

CST Small Research Grants

  • Kyle Bennett: “Sequencing the F-type mitochondrial genome of the Atlantic species of the Brachidontes exustus cryptic species complex by Sanger sequencing and primer walking”
  • Venkatesh Gopal: “Building a Computational Model of Octopus Motion”
  • Tamara Marsh: “Analysis of Anaerobic Microbial Community in Queen’s Laundry, an Alkali-Silica Hot Spring of Yellowstone National Park”
  • Emily Navarro: “Unaccompanied: The Plight of Immigrant Youth at the Border”
  • Jessica Sim: “The Impact of Grit on Stereotype Threat Susceptibility”
  • Beverly Troiano: “Developing Health Literacy through Biliteracy: A Case Study of Second and Third Graders doing Action Research”

The Dr. Frank Mittermeyer Health Professions Award

The Dr. Frank Mittermeyer Health Professions Award was created to honor Dr. Mittermeyer, a microbiologist/virologist, who retired from Elmhurst University after being a Professor and Chair in the Biology Department and the founder and Director of the Center for the Health Professions (now Health Professions Advising). In addition to other requirements, the recipients must be accepted into a graduate or professional program in health care to begin in the application year for the award.

  • Savannah Meinen

Dr. Andrew K. Prinz Travel Fellowship for Faculty

  • Kwadwo Oppong-Wadie, to do field research in Ghana to develop an education course titled “Comparative Analysis of Public Education.”
  • Simeon Stumme, to travel to Argentina to reestablish connections and partnerships that will be used to enhance students’ experience in “TEL 317: Methods and Materials of Teaching Bilingual Learners.”
  • Beatriz Gómez Acuña, to travel to New Mexico for field research. As part of the LatinX academic program, Beatriz would like to offer a domestic study away experience for students where they would hike the Chimayo pilgrimage in New Mexico.

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