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Faculty Awards

The following faculty members were recognized for their achievements during the 2020–2021 academic year.

President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

This annual award recognizes the exemplary teaching of two faculty members.

  • Dr. Karen Benjamin (Associate Professor, Department of History)
    Students who nominated Professor Benjamin speak fervently about how she has positively cultivated their personal and academic development. In her classes, as an advisor, and as a CASE mentor, she empowers students to be agents of productive, positive change in their communities; encourages them to believe in their abilities and talents; and affirms their experiences and cultural knowledges. Students commend Professor Benjamin for her profound investment into their lives and wellbeing, supporting their academic and personal growth, strengthening their self-confidence, and helping them reach their goals. They note that Professor Benjamin creates an exceptional learning experience by “always [going] above and beyond what is ever expected of her for students” and by “always giving students a platform and the ability to better themselves” through “phenomenal opportunities” for collaboration and research. The students nominating Professor Benjamin stress that she exemplifies the highest ideals of being a compassionate, caring, and challenging professor.
  • Dr. Heather Hall (Professor, Department of Kinesiology)
    Students who nominated Professor Hall enthusiastically comment that her passion for teaching and for her disciplinary expertise inspire them each and every class. They praise her for constructing intellectually rigorous courses and for presenting content in ways that engage students, meet students’ learning needs, and challenge students to exceed their own expectations. Noting that “Dr. Hall has always cared for all of [them] and [that] she has always wanted [them] to succeed,” students aver that Professor Hall believes in them, cares, for them, relates to them, and challenges them to be better students and better people. Students commend Professor Hall for ensuring that “every student in her classroom is presented an equal opportunity to learn” and for possessing “the biggest heart of any professor” on campus. Her intellectual integrity, compassion, and dedication have made an invaluable, lasting impression on all of her students.

Faculty Summer Research Grants

The Faculty Development Committee, in cooperation with the Center for Scholarship and Teaching, provides annual grants to support faculty projects including research, writing, and creative endeavors. The application process is competitive. Proposals are reviewed by the committee.

  • Dr. Avraham Baranes, Department of Business and Economics, and Dr. Timothy Hazen, Department of Political Science, “The Importance of Regional Intergovernmental Organizations in Responding to COVID-19: A Global Political Economy Approach”
  • Dr. Karen Benjamin, Department of History, “Segregation Built to Last: Schools and Housing before the New Deal”
  • Dr. Russell Ford, Department of Philosophy, “A Vindication of Empiricism: The Early Deleuze & French Philosophy.”
  • Dr. Erika McCombs, Department of English, “Testimony in Blood: The Pervasiveness of Spectacle in the Othering of Black Bodies”
  • Dr. Eric Sanders, Department of Business and Economics, “Socio-Economic Approach to Management (SEAM) Conferences”
  • Dr. Evan Patrick Vanable, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, “Palladium-Catalyzed Silylfunctionalization of Alkynes: Developing a Shorter Path to Access Complex Products Using Transition-metal Catalysis”
  • Dr. Therese Wehman and Ms. Lisa Landreth, Department of Education, “The Effects of Using Live Video Visits on the Current Practices of Developmental Therapists Working with Children and Families in the Birth-Three Early Intervention Program in Illinois”

Grant Catalyst Stipend Awards

The Grant Catalyst Stipend Program provides a small summer stipend to individual faculty members who wish to develop and submit a major grant proposal for extramural funding. The program is competitive.

  • Not awarded in 2021

CST Small Research Grants

  • Not awarded in 2021

The Dr. Frank Mittermeyer Health Professions Award

The Dr. Frank Mittermeyer Health Professions Award was created to honor Dr. Mittermeyer, a microbiologist/virologist, who retired from Elmhurst University after being a Professor and Chair in the Biology Department and the founder and Director of the Center for the Health Professions (now Health Professions Advising). In addition to other requirements, the recipients must be accepted into a graduate or professional program in health care to begin in the application year for the award.

  • Ana Romo

Dr. Andrew K. Prinz Travel Fellowship for Faculty

  • Not awarded in 2021

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