Mission & Learning Outcomes

The mission of the undergraduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders is to provide students with the scientific and cultural foundations of the development of typical human communication and communication differences and disorders across the lifespan.

Students will exhibit the knowledge and skills necessary to be prepared for graduate study and meaningful and ethical work in areas related to speech-language pathology, audiology, speech and hearing sciences, human services, and education, using a framework driven by evidence-based practice. Students will actively engage in the pursuit of intellectual excellence and self-formation, demonstrating the commitment, integrity and compassion necessary to be socially responsible in a culturally and linguistically diverse global society.

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate the fundamental knowledge of normal speech and language development necessary to begin to identify various communication disorders and use that information to effectively observe and treat individuals with a variety of communication difficulties, across all age levels, in a caring and compassionate manner;
  • Students will demonstrate the fundamental scientific competence to work responsibly with individuals with communication disorders and their families, as well as other professionals, in a collaborative manner;
  • Students will demonstrate cultural knowledge, awareness and sensitivity through integrated curricular and co-curricular experiences related to diversity and cultural competence;
  • Students will develop strong critical thinking and professional communication skills, and will practice professional ethics and have strong introductory skills for evidence-based practice.

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