Professional Experience and Research

As a communication sciences and disorders major at Elmhurst, you will find plenty of opportunities to expand your skills and gain experience—in and out of the classroom.

Clinical Experience

You will immerse yourself in real-world practice, starting with at least 25 hours of structured observation hours as part of your practicum coursework. Once you have completed your observation hours, you will work with clients in Elmhurst’s own Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic, participating in therapy, conferences with family members and clinical research.

Our dedicated Voice and Swallowing Center is equipped with a wide array of acoustic and imaging instrumentation. The Center features Pentax Kay Elemetrics Computerized Speech Lab, Nasometry, Kay Pentax rigid and flexible endoscopy with stroboscopy, and treatment software applications allowing for biofeedback.

Students may gain practical training in evaluation procedures for voice analysis and visualization, fiberendoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES), as well as therapeutic applications and techniques using technology. The Center serves as an educational laboratory, a clinical resource for clients of the Elmhurst University Speech-Language-Hearing-Clinic (ECSLHC), and supports ongoing research programs in voice and swallowing.

The Elmhurst University Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic has a fully equipped audiometric suite that is used for training undergraduate and graduate students. The suite features equipment to assess hearing acuity and functioning of the middle ear.

  • Undergraduate students in the program learn to use the equipment through guided practice as part of their coursework.
  • Graduate students conduct hearing screenings as part of diagnostic evaluations.

The 4,600-square-foot Elmhurst University Simulation Center at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital is a state-of-the-art learning facility. It serves graduate students and represents an innovative partnership with Elmhurst Memorial Healthcare.

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Fieldwork and Research

The Chicago area provides many opportunities to observe and conduct fieldwork. Students often present research results at the Illinois Speech-Language-Hearing Association convention and Elmhurst’s own Research and Performance Showcase. Students are able to complete observation hours at a variety of local schools, hospitals and private clinics.

Examples of Faculty-Mentored Undergraduate Student Research


*Baxa, E., Morean, D. F., & Dunckley, K. T. (2020). We are missing the neurocognitive consequences of chemotherapy-induced hearing loss in pediatric brain tumor survivors. Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 101(11).


*Cassidy, H. & Kremkow, J. M. D. (2018, May 3). Intervention types for autism spectrum disorder: A guide for speech-language pathologists. Oral presentation. Elmhurst University Research Symposium, Elmhurst, IL.

*Kelsey, C. & Ding, R. (2021, May 6). An evaluation of thicken liquid brands to manage dysphagia. Oral presentation. Elmhurst University Research Symposium, Elmhurst, IL.

Kremkow, J. M. D., Finke, E. H., Adamowski, M., *Fontana, L., *Miller, S. (2018, November 15-17). Military families & special needs: Perceptions of best and worst characteristics of military locations. Poster presentation. American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Boston, MA.

*Larson, C. & Kremkow, J. M. D. (2018, May 3). Traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the speech-language pathologist (SLP): Considerations and expectations. Poster presentation. Elmhurst University Research Symposium, Elmhurst, IL.

Ariana Cardenas. Creative and Scholarly Endeavors (CASE) 2019 award recipient. Analysis of cognate intervention with bilingual Spanish-English speaking children. Faculty mentor: Brenda Gorman.

See also: examples of Faculty-Mentored Graduate Student Research.

Health Professions Advising

As a communication sciences and disorders major at Elmhurst, you will benefit from the expert guidance of our Health Professions Advising (HPA) program. The program brings together students from across the health care spectrum for workshops, internships, mentoring opportunities, focused advising, and assistance with the application process to graduate and professional school. In addition, HPA collaborates with the Philosophy Department to offer the medical humanities minor, which covers topics on compassionate, ethical, and culturally sensitive care of patients and clients.

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