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Teacher Leader Endorsement

The Teacher Leader Endorsement for the State of Illinois requires the completion of eight courses (equivalent to a 24-semester-hour program of study), to include five core courses, one research course, one advocacy course and one elective course. The endorsement program is designed to align course outcomes with the national Teacher Leader Model Standards.

The teacher leader endorsement requires 100 clinical hours distributed across the coursework in which future teacher leaders document their application of course concepts in their classrooms and school communities, including 40 clinical hours focused on students from diverse backgrounds.

Teachers must have a master’s degree to have the endorsement applied to their license. Teachers without a master’s degree can complete the endorsement while completing the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership.


Teachers must complete five core courses (15 semester hours):

  • MTL 521 Building Professional and Community Relationships through Collaboration
  • MTL 528 Examining Issues and Trends in Teacher Leadership
  • MTL 536 Linking Assessment to Learning
  • MTL 538 Improving School Climate and Learning
  • MTL 597 Promoting Professional Development for School Improvement

Teachers must complete one of the following research courses (3 semester hours). MTL 591 and MTL 598 is required for M.Ed. students:

  • MTL 513 Analyzing Reading Foundations
  • MTL 552 Using Educational Research to Improve Practice
  • MTL 591 Applying Action Research in Education
  • MTL 598 Seminar in Leadership, Innovation and Critical Inquiry

Teachers must complete one of the following advocacy courses (3 semester hours):

  • MTL 532 Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom
  • MTL 544 Cross-Cultural Studies for Teaching English Language Learners
  • MTL 567 Advocating Culturally Relevant Curriculum and Instruction
  • MTL 596 Evaluating Diversity Issues in Teaching and Learning

Teachers must choose one elective course (3 semester hours or more).

Electives may be chosen from any course in the M.Ed. in Teacher Leadership program or students may choose to take an additional research or advocacy course.


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