African-American Studies

Ethnic Studies

For students with a major or minor in intercultural studies, a focus in African-American studies offers the opportunity to learn about the history, characteristics, culture, contributions, social status and needs of African-Americans. The course of study provides an examination of the similarities and differences among African-Americans, other minority groups and the dominant majority.

For the major in intercultural studies with a focus in African-American studies, choose three of the following in addition to the rest of the major requirements. For a minor in intercultural studies, select two of the following in addition to the standard requirements for the minor.

  • SOC 213/313 African Americans Through Film (odd years January)
  • REL 346 African American Religious Traditions
  • ICS 390 Special Topics
  • ICS 395 Civil Rights Movements: U.S. and South Africa
  • ICS 492 Independent Study
  • Independent Study with department faculty
  • Distance learning or transfer course
  • Study abroad, Chicago Semester or other off-campus study
    (As appropriate and approved by the ICS department chair)


  • No more than two courses from one department except ICS can be used.
  • No more than two courses for the minor or four courses for the major can be used for other major or minor requirements.

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