Department of Intercultural Studies

The Department of Intercultural Studies provides opportunities for Elmhurst University students to learn about cultural and cross-cultural skills and relationships among different groups in the United States and abroad.

The program uses an interdisciplinary and developmental model to examine cultures, power, prestige, privilege, group interrelationships, and cross-cultural communications and interactions.

The University offers both a major and a minor in intercultural studies. In addition, all ICS students choose an area of study from a wide array of options, including African-American StudiesLGBTQIA+ Studies and International Business Studies. Working closely with an advisor, you’ll design an academic program to meet your specific goals.

A major or a minor in intercultural studies offers an excellent complement to a course of study in the health professions, human services, education, business, and traditional social science fields. And it prepares students to participate meaningfully in an increasingly diverse and global world.

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