Careers and Outcomes

A major or minor in intercultural studies prepares you to thrive in any career.

In today’s multicultural world, cross-cultural skills and an understanding of diverse cultures set you apart in the job market—no matter what field you intend to pursue.

Our graduates go on to graduate and professional school in fields such as law, social work, anthropology, geography and health care. And they launch successful careers in higher education, social services, law, business and beyond.

“My intercultural studies classes opened up a new part of my brain and helped me look at things in a whole new way. They also gave me a better grasp on how to interact with patients as a speech-language pathologist.”

Morgan Sonnenberg ’17, M.S. Student in Communication Sciences and Disorders, Elmhurst University

“With the encouragement of my professors, I studied abroad twice while at Elmhurst. I also conducted independent research that ended up getting published.”

Jacob Henry ’16, Ph.D. Candidate, University of Hawai’i


“I apply what I learned in my intercultural studies classes every day in my work with culturally diverse kids with autism spectrum disorder. Those classes opened the door to a lifelong journey of understanding how to communicate with others.”

Monica Mazurek ’18, Behavior Technician, Caravel Autism Health

“I work for a sports leadership program that helps girls become leaders through sports and health education. My ICS major challenged me to become more culturally competent, which helps me connect with the girls we serve and elevate their voices.”

Savannah Koziol ’17, Teen Programs Coordinator, Girls in the Game

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