Careers and Outcomes

“Since taking my first Intercultural Studies course over five years ago, I can see how much I have grown in my intercultural understanding of the world. I am now more analytical on several fronts—from watching movies to noticing vocabulary choice in friends, classmates, and professors. But besides everyday activities, I have also begun to apply intercultural lens to world issues such as hunger, poverty, and trade.”

  • Rochelle Ruzicka ’06, Director of Operations, Arise Chicago Not-for-profit International Organization

“My involvement in the ICS minor helped me grow and develop personally and professionally. It helped me to examine my cultural privilege and therefore encouraged me to consider devoting my time personally and professionally towards cultural justice issues. As such, I attended UM because of their strong focus on social justice, oppression, and privilege, and have found myself focused professionally on social justice education around those thematic issues. The ICS program seeded my interest in these issues and pushed my further exploration of them at grad school, which further encouraged me to apply for multicultural affairs positions and the position which I currently have.”

  • Scott Tharp ’05, Associate Director of Diversity Education DePaul University, Chicago

“My minor in ICS actually was a great “selling” point when interviewing. My supervisors were very impressed by my minor because it is the vision of the owners to encompass diversity in the workplace and something all employees are required to take a seminar on now, and I’m ahead of the game.”

  • Heather Finn ’07, Manager of Legal Services, Global Hyatt

“The material I learned from ICS provides a daily framework for both my academic work and my work with students in my residence hall. For example, I am able to draw on scholars we read in ICS to provide examples and background for my papers in classes, and I am able to provide examples to students and advice to them based on the theories we read and discussed- particularly in roommate conflicts or when students struggle with the social-class differences prevalent on Miami’s campus.”

  • Susan Martin ’08, Student Development Specialist II, Residence Life, Texas A&M University, Galveston, Texas

“It has made me a more well-rounded and aware citizen and employee. In working in the meeting industry, you are faced with many conflicting cultures. Many of the society’s members are from Brazil, Italy, and Germany, which affects communication and site selections of meetings.  I am so glad to have received my Intercultural degree!”

  • Danielle Sabbia ’06, Meeting Planner, The North American Spine Center

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