Special Opportunities

Students in intercultural studies often participate in on- and off-campus opportunities designed to broaden their horizons and immerse them in new experiences.

Experiential Courses

Several intercultural studies courses award college credit for participating in off-campus opportunities or pursuing an intercultural topic of interest. For example, students in the ICS 280 Intercultural Experiential course pursue their interests by attending relevant lectures, workshops or retreats, or by participating in service learning or other independent guided endeavors. Similarly, the Independent Study class allows students to create their own course of study.

Capstone Projects

All ICS majors complete a substantive capstone project that offers an in-depth exploration of a topic of their choice. Recent projects have examined ethnocentrism in Cuban race relations, how to recruit and retain LGBTQIA+ employees, cultural differences in responses to death, and portrayals of domestic violence in Hispanic cinema.

Chicago Semester

An off-campus immersion program, the Chicago Semester combines internships, academic work and urban adventure. Participants live in the city, sharing an apartment with students from other colleges and universities, attending courses and seminars, and working at an internship that matches their career interests.

Washington Semester

Hosted by American University, the Washington Semester provides a first-hand look at the workings of American government. Participants experience how American government and institutions work, study with faculty exclusively devoted to the program, and take on internships in institutions as varied as Congress, the State Department, the Smithsonian and the Washington Post.

Study Abroad

Elmhurst students can study practically anywhere in the world. Many of our study-abroad programs go beyond classroom experiences to incorporate internship and service-learning opportunities. But no matter what type of program you choose, you’ll immerse yourself in another culture, refine your language skills, challenge your cultural assumptions, and prepare for life as a world citizen.

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