International Studies

Global Studies

An international studies focus is an excellent way to gain in-depth knowledge about one international culture. You’ll gain an understanding of the unique culture, within-nation diversity, and the social situation of one international culture and awareness of the similarities and differences between that national culture and the United States.

For the major in intercultural studies with a focus in international studies, choose three of the following in addition to the rest of the major requirements. As part of the requirements for a minor in intercultural studies, the area of international studies requires two of the following courses:


BUS 271, 375, 376; ECO 314, 316


GEO 111, 112, 311, 317, 375


HIS 115, 116, 305, 312, 363, 364, 370, 444


ART 341, 373; MUS 310; REL 240


WL 209, 215, 320 and WL 202 or higher

Political Science

POL 301, 302, 305, 306, 406

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