Department of Psychology

The study of psychology is an exciting journey into the scientific underpinning of human behavior and mental processes.

At Elmhurst, that journey involves unique opportunities to conduct research, work closely with faculty and engage in fieldwork. It’s no wonder that our graduates say that they feel well-prepared for their work in a wide range of setting, such as businesses, hospitals and social service agencies.

Our Faculty

The faculty psychologists at Elmhurst are top-notch professionals with wide-ranging areas of expertise. Our Ph.D.-level faculty includes specialists in cognitive, clinical, experimental, developmental, industrial/organizational and social psychology. A professor, never a teaching assistant, teaches every class here.

The Program

At Elmhurst, you’ll explore the professional practice of psychology before you graduate. Students take on fieldwork in areas including childcare, hot line/crisis intervention, rehabilitation psychology and industrial/organizational psychology.

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