Department of Psychology

The scientific and applied discipline of psychology provides an understanding of the nature and function of behavior in humans.

Psychologists study how people perceive, learn, think, behave and interact with other people and their environment. Systematic attention is directed to individual differences in personality and ability; the impact of sociocultural factors on behavior; how people develop throughout the life cycle; how maladaptive behaviors originate and can be changed; the study of the individual and the work environment; cognitive processing and the impact of biological processes on behavior.

Our Faculty

The Department of Psychology offers a wide range of courses taught by a faculty that is diverse in theoretical orientation, practical experience and research interests. Students can obtain a comprehensive foundation in psychological thought and methods by sampling broadly within the department. Individual student goals can be met through opportunities for collaboration with faculty on research, advanced readings, independent research projects, and field work experiences.

The Department of Psychology also offers a master of arts in industrial/organizational psychology.

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