Catrina Notari

Catrina Notari, Elmhurst University

Catrina Notari, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Psychology
Department of Psychology

Catrina Notari earned a B.A. from Rutgers University in psychology and a Ph.D. from Montclair State University in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a concentration in Data Science. She focuses her teaching and research on the Industrial side of I/O Psychology, focusing on psychometrics, data science, and consulting practices. In addition, Catrina has programs of research in job attitudes and shared leadership.

Undergraduate Courses
  • PSY 326 Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 422 Psychological Testing
Graduate Courses
  • PSY 511 Research Methods in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 512 Statistical Analysis in Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PSY 523 Training: Theory, Design, and Evaluation
  • PSY 527 Measurement and Assessment in Industrial/Organizational Psychology

Catrina Notari’s research examines the jingle-jangle within job attitudes constructs, focusing on parsing apart the different constructs and creating measures informed by the findings. She is also interested in shared leadership, specifically the territoriality that can come from sharing leadership positions. She also manages Elmhurst Consulting Solutions (ECS), the I/O Psychology M.A. program’s student-led consulting group. Her own consulting work has focused on research, data science, and people analytics.

Selected Publication and Presentations

Notari, C., Sessa, V., Aquino, A., Novais Cavalcanti, E., & Bowling, N. (2023). Jangleland: Construct Proliferation in Workplace Psychological Constructs [Poster]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Boston, MA, United States.

Notari, C., Smith, K., Black, L., & Barnett, G. (2022). Showing That You Care: Current Organizational Trends for Employee Well-Being [Poster]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Boston, MA, United States.

Sessa, V. I., Lee, I., Notari, C., DePietro, M., Cavalcanti, E., Mejia, N., Mogrovejo, A., Morales, S., Pitamber, D., Simmen, C., & Bowling, N.A. (2023). It’s a Jangle Out There: Reconciling constructs within the organizational bonds literature [Poster]. Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology Annual Conference, Boston, MA, United States.

Notari, C., Toich, M., Sessa, V., and Bragger, J. (2022). You Can Go Your Own Way: Student Leader Development Pathways. ACPA’s Developments.19(2). Retrieved from:

Notari, C. and Sessa, V. (2022, Jul. 21-24). I’m the Leader! How shared leadership leads to territoriality [Paper]. INGRoup 2022 Conference, Hamburg, Germany.

Notari, C., Ritz, A., and Sessa, V. (2022, Jun. 6-9). An Examination of Construct Proliferation in Workplace Psychological Construct Literature and Measurement [Paper]. Eastern Academy of Management- International Conference, Lyon, France.

Notari, C., Sessa, V., and Bragger, J. (2021, Oct. 24-26). Leadership Principles Inventory [Paper]. International Leadership Association 2022 Conference, Virtual.

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Sessa, V. I., & Notari, C. (2020). Learning Linkages and Flows Between Individuals, Groups, and the Organization: Creating Programs to Foster Continuous Learning. In M. London (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Lifelong Learning, Second Edition. Oxford Publishing.

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