Social Work Courses

Course offerings reflect the 2023-2024. One unit of credit equals four semester hours.

A basic study of social work practice, which is relevant to the social work, business, medical, or legal professions. Social work knowledge, values and skills are taught and applied to specific cases.

Prerequisite: SOC 100 or equivalent.

An overview of child welfare practice and social services for children and adolescents. Topics will include regulation of child care facilities, trends in welfare planning for children and adolescents, and the role of the juvenile justice system. Other topics are those related to substance abuse, suicide, eating disorders, gangs, teen pregnancy, learning disabilities and programs created to address these problems. Emphasis is on the developmental stages of children and teens.

Prerequisite: SW 303 or equivalent.

An in-depth study of social casework theory and practice. A variety of theories, techniques, case illustrations and role playing are introduced to develop basic interviewing and counseling skills and the ability to establish a professional helping relationship.

Prerequisite: SW 303 or consent of instructor.

Group theory and process taught from theoretical, empirical and experiential perspectives. Students will develop their skills in a group and will concentrate on a particular group population and setting.

Prerequisite: SW 303 or consent of instructor.

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