Minor in Criminal Justice

The minor in criminal justice requires five courses in criminal justice, including the following:

  • CJ 100 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • CJ 308 Theories of Criminology
  • Three courses from the Criminal Justice Program
    • One must be at the 300-level or higher
    • Cannot be SOC/CJ 323 Methods of Social Research, CJ 490 Independent Field Work, CJ 491 Independent Research, CJ 492 Independent Study, or CJ 496 Capstone Seminar

At least three of the required courses must be taken at Elmhurst University. Courses in criminal justice may be accepted from other colleges.

Minor in Sociology

A sociology minor can significantly enhance both educational and occupational opportunities for students majoring in a variety of fields, including businesseducationintercultural studies,  nursingpolitical sciencepsychologyreligious studies and urban studies.

The requirements for a minor in sociology are four courses including SOC 100. At least two courses must be taken at the 300 or 400 level. Courses in social work may not be applied toward the sociology minor. Only one of the Criminal Justice courses listed as electives in sociology (either CJ 319 or CJ 408) may count toward the sociology minor.

At least two of the courses must be taken at Elmhurst University.

Students majoring in early childhood education or elementary education may choose to satisfy their required minor in sociology. It is recommended that students choose courses from among the following:

  • SOC 100 Society and the Individual-Introductory Sociology
  • SOC 301 Social Problems
  • SOC 304 Race and Ethnic Relations
  • SOC 305 Sex and Gender in Society
  • SOC 310 Class and Status
  • SOC 317 Marriage and the Family
  • SOC 353 Childhood and Youth

Minor in Social Work

A minor in social work is useful for students wanting more of the social work application of social science theories and for those intending to do graduate study in social work. Students may be majoring in a variety of fields, including businesseducationnursingpsychologyreligious studies or sociology.

The required courses for the social work minor are the following:

  • SOC 100 or SOC 301
  • SW 303 Introduction to Social Work

Additionally, students must take at least two of the following classes (all three are recommended):

  • SW 308 Social Services for Children and Adolescents
  • SW 404 Social Work with Individuals and Families
  • SW 406 Social Work within Groups and Communities

A student may apply one credit of independent study (SOC 492) in lieu of either SW 308, SW 404 or SW 406. SOC 490 Independent Field Work is contingent upon the location of a suitable field site. At least two of the required courses must be taken at Elmhurst University. At least two of the required courses must be taken at Elmhurst University.

A student who is pursuing both a major in sociology and a minor in social work may count only SOC 100 toward both the sociology major and the social work minor. The social work courses—SW 303, SW 308, SW 404 and SW 406, or their equivalent—can not be applied simultaneously toward the sociology major and the social work minor.

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