Major in Criminal Justice

Whether you plan a career in advocacy, teaching, law enforcement, academics or the law, a major in criminal justice at Elmhurst provides the skills you need to take the next step.

What is a criminal justice major? Built on a strong foundation in the social sciences, the program combines courses in criminal justice with related courses in sociology, as well as electives in political science, philosophy, psychology, communications and computer science.

Criminal Justice Major Requirements

The criminal justice major consists of the following 12 required courses and recommended electives:

Required Core Courses

  • CJ 200 Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • CJ 210 Policing and Society
  • CJ 215 Corrections: Theory and Practice
  • CJ/SOC 319 Juvenile Delinquency and the Justice System
  • CJ/SOC 323 Methods of Social Research
  • CJ/SOC 408 Criminology
  • CJ 409 Criminal Law
  • CJ 410 Criminal Procedure

Required Cognate Courses

  • MTH 345 Elementary Statistics
    or MTH 346 Statistics for Scientists
    or PSY 355 Statistics for Scientific Research
  • SOC 301 Social Problems
    or SOC 304 Race and Ethnic Relations

Criminal Justice Electives (two required)

  • CJ 320 Organized and White Collar Crime
  • CJ 330 Criminal Investigation
  • CJ/SOC 340 Gender and Crime
  • CJ 480 Selected Topics in Criminal Justice
  • CJ 490 Independent Field Work
  • CJ 491 Independent Research
  • CJ 492 Independent Study

Recommended Electives

  • COM 213 Public Speaking
  • CS 111 Introduction to Software Applications and Digital Technology
  • ICS 270 Introduction to Intercultural Studies (.50 credit)
  • ICS 271 Intermediate Intercultural Studies (.50 credit)
  • PHL 306 Moral Philosophy
  • PHL 315 Philosophy of Law
  • POL 202 American State and Local Government
  • POL 360 Public Policy and Administration
  • POL 412 Constitutional Law
  • PSY 210 Introduction to Psychological Science

Students seeking a bachelor of science, rather than a bachelor of arts degree, must take any two mathematics courses offered by the Department of Mathematics except MTH 325, 326, 440 and 441.

At least six of the required courses must be taken at Elmhurst College. Courses in criminal justice may be accepted from other colleges.

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