Post-Graduate Outcomes

A major in sociology or criminal justice prepares you for a wide array of careers in social services, advocacy, teaching, law enforcement, academics, the law and beyond.

Our alumni have gone on to a variety of rewarding fields, including social work, education, law enforcement, security, research and evaluation, government and nonprofit work, writing, law, and criminal justice. Many have also gone on to pursue graduate degrees in education, social work, law and anthropology.

Employers today want to hire people who have creativity, innovation, and critical thinking skills. They want to hire people who have multi-cultural and global understandings, strong math and science skills, and excellent written expression. Studying sociology helps you gain the skills you need.

Here’s what a few of our graduates are doing:

  • Ricardo Roble ’17, police officer
  • Kelly Knorr ’17, graduate student in counseling
  • Jacob Henry ’16, graduate student in anthropology
  • Kathy Katris ’15, nonprofit daycare assistant
  • Molly Monroe ’14, graduate student in social work
  • Melissa Barrios ’14, graduate student in social work
  • Melissa Miehlke ’13, senior center activities coordinator
  • Rachel Bomba ’12, social services representative
  • Juliet Longano ’11, school social worker
  • Kirbie Knutsen ’11, medical social worker
  • John Michael Sullivan ’10, youth counselor
  • Kayleigh Sulima ’10, human resources manager
  • Katie McDougall ’10, school social worker
  • Elvisa Pandzic ’09, associate manager for Nielsen (consumer research)
  • Billie Risley ’08, energy advisor
  • Nina Kessel ’07, hospital social worker
  • Elyse Dobney ’07, nonprofit manager
  • D. Scott Tharp ’05, associate director of diversity education
  • Teresa Stock ’03, career services advisor
  • Kelly Morales ’03, parent outreach specialist for a community center
  • Amanda Fark ’03, higher education administrator

For more information about careers, visit the prospective student area of the American Sociological Association’s website.

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