Department of Theatre and Dance

Humans are storytellers, and the arts of theatre and dance provide creative means for storytelling. We see ourselves in our histories and offer stories that raise essential questions. We create fantasies that explore human potential, and we focus our attention on the tragedies that allow us to grieve.

Elmhurst’s Department of Theatre and Dance offers majors and minors that allow you to explore your role as a storyteller—and story maker. Each path provides a curriculum exploring the foundations of these storytelling arts. Skills and technique are partnered with analysis, history and design.

Elmhurst dance students performed in the Virtual Evening of Dance concert in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Collaboration, analysis and communication are also at the heart of our fields. Often referred to as “soft skills,” these practices are highly valued in businesses and disciplines across private and public sectors.

Our graduates go on to direct, to design, to build, and to perform. They teach and lead, bringing stories to life in schools, with arts organizations and in a variety of other settings. Whether they run their own company or “gig” from one to another, these artists, teachers and artisans create amazing stories. They make lives that are part of the art of theatre and dance.

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