Health Sciences Fair Poster Components

Students from all majors are invited to participate by developing a 5-minute presentation and a 40”x28” table top trifold poster with the following components:


  • Title of research
  • Student researcher name
  • Affiliation by department of Elmhurst College
  • Field site supervisor

Includes a summary of pertinent details.

Statement of the Problem
Clearly states the problem/theory and relationship to earlier work. Hypothesis statements can be listed here as well.

Describes the methods/techniques used to measure the problem. Classic design and applied quasi-experimental designs are accepted.

Results and Conclusions
Presented in clear, appropriate summarization; graphs and figures to represent results are highly encouraged. Conclusions can be clearly listed or in a narrative.

Future Research
Where the given results are noted in terms of significance and possible implications. (A discussion section can be placed here)

Empirical sources, contemporary and listed on the poster. Can also be on a handout.

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