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Poster presentations are a form of scientific expression that allows for visually augmented discussion and interaction.

The poster presentation will provide you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise, practice public speaking, learn about current results in a field, deepen your understanding of a topic, and share ideas.

To proceed in your poster presentation, formulate a plan of what project you plan to present. Consider the materials of your study in terms of what can be visually represented and what key points must be conveyed. Organize your materials to address the key points of your work with as many visual representations (figures and graphs) as possible. Write short captions for each figure of the graph. Place narrative information in a brief format and if possible, list information in bullet points. However, be knowledgeable of all the details of the study.

Use the criteria listed above as section headings to organize your work into those categories. Here again, be knowledgeable of the details of the sections not just the brief information on the poster. Next, when the substantive sections are added and organized in a logical format, personalize your poster with other graphics to make it visually appealing.

Finish your poster presentation by placing your materials on the poster or, if you are using the PowerPoint program to put each section in a slide and one sheet will be printed by the library’s large printer (appointment needed for this so be sure to allow enough time).

Develop a 5-minute presentation of what you want to say about each figure and the transition to the other figure. Practice your presentation. Dress appropriately for the poster presentation and be on time for the Health Science Fair.

We look forward to seeing your work!

Dr. Sexton-Radek, Psychology Department
Dr. Savage, Kinesiology Department
Dr. Brennan, Nursing Department
Dr. Burda, Nursing Department
Dr. Gorman, Communications Disorders Department

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