Pre-Physical Therapy

Physical therapists enjoy rewarding careers as key players in improving patients’ mobility and physical health.

As a physical therapist, you might help an accident victim regain the use of his arms, teach a stroke victim to walk again, or improve the mobility of a child with cerebral palsy. Physical therapists work in hospitals, clinics, homes, nursing care facilities, rehabilitation centers, and schools. Physical therapists also teach and conduct research.

Yes, you will need to attend professional school to earn a doctor of physical therapy degree (DPT). Typically these programs are about three years in length.

As a pre-physical therapy student you may choose any major, but you must complete the course requirements to apply of any individual DPT schools.

Prerequisite courses will vary from one school to another and students must check with them directly for admission criteria. Physical therapy schools typically require a significant number of clinical hours in one or more physical therapy settings. Recommended courses include:

  • BIO 107, 108, 200, 201
  • CHM 211, 212
  • ENG 105, 106
  • MTH 132 and 345 (or PSY 355)
  • PHY 111, 112 or 121, 122
  • PSY 210, 315, 327
  • HST 400

You will meet with the health professions advisor to discuss your specific academic and professional interests. Your advisor will work with you throughout your Elmhurst career, clearing obstacles and giving expert guidance.

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