A graduate-level seminary or divinity school prefers a broad liberal arts program in a student’s undergraduate background.

In addition, if a student is interested in attending a seminary it is vital that they be able to think critically and write and speak clearly and effectively in order to be successful.

The Niebuhr Center, Department of Religious Studies and the Chaplain’s Office work very closely with individuals who have responded to a call to serve in ministry.

The Chaplain’s Office shares in the responsibility to foster and nurture the gifts of students spiritually, which will be used significantly in seminary. We encourage students to come early in their college careers to seek out any member from the areas mentioned above for support and guidance throughout this process.

For more information on this preprofessional program, or to participate in the Ministry Team on campus, please contact the Chaplain’s Office, located on the garden level of Niebuhr Hall, at (630) 617-3360.

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