Housing Opportunities

Students have the opportunity for on-campus residential housing.

To be considered, students must be their own legal guardian. An additional student assessment and housing application is required in order to assess their level of decision making and independent living abilities. Students must also be able to take and manage any medications independently.

Additional ELSA staff support available to students living on campus.

Life Coaches

Students approved for residential housing are required to have a life coach, at an additional cost of $15 an hour. The Life Coach is a degree-seeking student who will provide support (typically 3-5 hours a week unless otherwise needed) in the areas of social engagement, academics, and independent living skills.

Community Advisors (CA)

Community Advisors are degree-seeking students living in the residential hall who provide support and assistance to students regarding independent living. CA’s serve as a resource for students as they navigate campus life. CA’s rotate on duty responsibilities in the evenings and weekends. Students are free to come and go from the residence hall independently and do not have a curfew. Students are expected to follow all Elmhurst University rules. Additional ELSA staff support is available as needed.

On-campus housing is not required. Students have the option to commute or live independently by renting apartments or condominiums—many of which are within walking distance or a short shuttle bus ride from campus.

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