Summer 2018 Stories

Bluejays Head Out for Summer Adventures

Elmhurst College students studying abroad in New Zealand and Germany

Some are working with professors to conduct research in psychology, chemistry and sociology. Others are testing career possibilities in sports management, human resources and the travel industry.

Learning the HR Ropes

Alexandra Millan ’19 found her passion for human resources during a summer internship at Blistex, Inc.

Taking a Shot at Sports Management

Bluejay forward Tyler Turner ’19 advanced toward a career as a basketball scout through a summer internship with the Houston Rockets.

Tracing the Art Curriculum at Elmhurst

Graphic design major Taylor Lutz ’19 is researching the history of the College’s art department with the support of a stipend from the Creative and Scholarly Endeavors (CASE) program.

The Art of Special Effects

Jonathan Carter ’18 is getting firsthand experience in using design, animation, and special effects to produce commercials and videos.

Probing the Influence of Napoleon

History major Joseph O’Leary ’19 is examining the legacy of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte for a summer research project.

Shaping a New College Major

Nicolle Omiotek ’20 is conducting research that will help shape Elmhurst College’s new environmental studies program.

Mapping a South Pacific Island

Michael Davis ’19 spent 10 days in the South Pacific, gathering GPS data to create maps for a travel agency.

Michael McGuire

Experiments in Green Chemistry

Chemistry major Michael McGuire ’19 is conducting research that would help industry become greener and make the environment cleaner.

Probing Yellowstone’s Microbial Life

Sarina Mitchell ’19 is doing fieldwork at Yellowstone National Park to find out why some organisms thrive in harsh geothermal conditions.

Gleaning Insights from Survey Data

Jennifer Deren ’20 is analyzing survey data to explore self-awareness of the blind as part of an eight-week research project.

Exploring A Long-Hidden Branch of Literature

Katrina Mioduszewski ’19 plans to analyze the works of post-colonial Native American women authors. She also will conduct a study comparing how students of color and white students adjust to college.

Promoting Classical Concerts in Berlin

An internship at a Berlin concert promoter combined with a course in German culture is the perfect undergraduate career coda for Mikkal Holt ’18.

Anticipating Calamities

Jentry Schirmbeck ’18 is exploring emergency management, homeland security and public safety in a six-week study away program in New Zealand.

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