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STEM Teaching Conference

Saturday, April 22, 2023
8:45 a.m. - 12:45 p.m.
Jean Koplin Memorial Hall

Contact Information
Theresa Robinson

This professional development teacher initiative is funded through the National Science Foundation Elmhurst University’s Noyce STEM Teacher Scholar Program. The purpose of the event will be to showcase STEM teaching for all educational levels PK-12 and celebrate STEM teaching and learning. A special focus is being placed on content area literacy and culturally relevant practices in STEM teaching. We anticipate that approximately 100 local preservice and inservice teachers, administrators and college/university faculty will attend this STEM-tastic Showcase of teaching. Attendees will have time before, during and after presentations to engage with vendors and resource stations about classroom STEM resources from Flinn Scientific, Morton Arboretum, and the DuPage Co. Regional Office of Education STEM Squad.

Anderson Books will provide each participant with a 20% coupon to purchase any books or text resources that the audience may want to purchase after they engage in presentations. Some of the presentations include:

Ms. Julie McGovern, Ms. Hannah Klepitz and Ms. Sarah Pappas, Teaching Team, Elmhurst District 205 Madison Early Childhood Center
Here a Chick!
There a Chick!
Everywhere a Chick-Chick!
Grades PK-1

Mr. Glenn Lid, Genius Presenter, Elmhurst University
Exo-Charmic Chemistry
Grades 5-12
Zoom Meeting for online viewing available to registrants

Dr. Theresa Robinson, Associate Professor, Elmhurst University
Teaching the Cell Membrane with a Twist of Cultural Relevance.
Grades 6-9
Zoom Meeting for online viewing available to registrants

Dr. Karen Dailey, Associate Professor,
Harper College
Write It! Do it!:
Linking Observations with Technical Writing in Your Science Teaching
Grades 9-12

Ms. Julie Ellefson, Professor, Harper College
Acid-Base Chemistry in the Ocean
Environmental Studies
(Impact of Human Activities on Ocean Life)
Grades 3-5

Dr. Colleen Munro-Leighton, Associate Professor
Elmhurst University
Using a digital or smartphone camera to measure the effectiveness of detergents Grades 9-12

Dr. Linda Dauksas, Professor,
Elmhurst University
Integrating Math Play! With STEAM Content for Young Children
Grades PK-2

Mr. Victor Gomez and Ms. Diana Bonilla, Leyden High School District 212
Culturally Sustaining Practices in a Bilingual Science Classroom
Grades 9-12

Dr. Jeanne White, Professor,
Elmhurst University
Connecting The Culturally Responsive Standards with STEM Language Supports
Grades 1-5
Zoom Meeting for online viewing available to registrants

It will be a fun day of science teaching and learning for ALL Pk-12 teachers. There is no cost to attend and PD hours will be provided to all Illinois teachers. Visit to REGISTER.

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