COVID-19 Reporting (Public Access)

Elmhurst University has an important role in slowing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting vulnerable students, staff, and faculty to help ensure a safe and healthy learning environment. Reporting COVID-19 contact, positive tests, and/or symptoms supports our goal of providing a safe campus by working to prevent the spread of the virus.

To ensure we can provide support and resources to faculty, staff, and students with potential or confirmed COVID-19 cases, the University is requesting that individuals (or a designee) complete the COVID-19 Secure Self-Reporting Form using the instructions below. This information will also assist the University and public health officials with monitoring the number of cases occurring in our community.

The University is committed to ensuring that your submission remains private and only utilized as a means to provide support and resources. All information collected will only be routed to campus officials with a legitimate need to know. A COVID-19 contact tracer will make contact with you post-submission.

Your submission is not a substitute for medical advice/care; if you are in medical distress, please call 911.

Form Access Instructions

  • Log in to our secure application, eTrieve, with a Google or Microsoft account (click on the corresponding icon on the screen; if you have a University login, click the blue “O” for Okta).
  • After logging in, the form will appear and your basic information should pre-populate where available.

Log In to eTrieve

If you have any difficulty accessing the form, please contact the Service Desk at or 630-617-3767.

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