Commuter Student FAQ

The University enhances the experience of commuter students through resources, services, programs, and more. Commuter students are an important asset to our campus.

Here are some answers to commuter students’ frequently asked questions.

There are a variety of facilities commuter students can use to work or relax when not in classes.

  • The Office of Student Involvement offers a comfortable seating area as well as a table to work at. A microwave is also available for use.
  • The Library Cafe offers seating where students can relax, spend time with friends, and do school work. The Library Cafe is also home to one of the campus’ Starbucks as well as additional food and drink options.
  • The Wellness Center offers a “Serenity Room” where students can relax and de-escalate from their hectic schedules. The room offers a full spectrum light that helps improve mood.
  • The Student Organization Center (SOC), located in the Bluejays’ Roost, has a seating area as well as a workspace for students to use. The commuter fridge is also located in the SOC.
  • The A.C. Buehler Library offers study rooms that students can rent out. There are group study rooms on the upper level, as well as single study rooms on the lower level.
  • Lockers are offered for commuter students to reserve. Visit the Frick Center Information Desk.
  • Founders Lounge offers a large area for students to sit and relax. Multiple couches and tables are available for students to use. One of the campus’ Starbucks is also located here.
  • The Tyrrell Fitness Center is a two-story facility located in Faganel Hall. It is available for all Elmhurst University students. The Fitness Center offers a strength room on the first floor, as well as a cardiovascular room on the second floor that includes bikes, ellipticals, stair climbers, treadmills and strength equipment. Locker rooms and showers are also available for students to utilize.
  • The Bluejays’ Roost/Game Room is a space that students can use to watch TV, hang out with friends and eat. The game room connected to the Bluejays’ Roost has a pool table, ping pong table, and a variety of board games that can be checked out. Video games can also be checked out to play on the Xbox360 located in the game room.
  • A commuter fridge is located in the Bluejays’ Roost for commuter students to use anytime!
  • Microwaves are located in the cafeteria, Bluejays’ Roost and the Chaplain’s Office.

We recommend the following resources to help you navigate your commute to campus. Visit the links below for helpful information on local transit options

If you are driving to the University from the north (or leaving and heading north), you might get stopped by the occasional freight train running along the UP-West Metra line.

There are two ways to bypass the tracks:

  1. The underpass along Robert T. Palmer Drive (access it from York Street)
  2. The underpass on Route 83/Kingery Highway (access it by taking North Avenue west and turning left onto Kingery Highway)

Problems with technology? The Office of Information Services can offer support! Call the service desk at (630) 617-3767 or stop by the second floor of Goebel Hall.

Charging stations are located in the Frick Center (Student Organization Center) and the A.C. Buehler Library.

  • Sign up for campus alerts.
  • Safety escorts: If you feel unsafe walking on campus, call Campus Security at (630) 617-3000 or ext. 3000 from any campus phone and a safety escort will be sent to walk with you. This service is available 24/7 to students, faculty and staff.
  • Emergency Blue Light Phones: Emergency phones are programmed to automatically dial Campus Security. Just press the red button, and a campus security officer will be dispatched to your location. Blue light phones are located in the following parking lots: Alexander, Mill Theatre, West Hall and Schaible Science Center.
  • Campus Security educates the campus community on safety issues through several channels, including: crime-prevention publications; literature and materials; self-defense training sessions; training sessions on alcohol and drug awareness; presentations to Elmhurst University organizations, departments and groups on a variety of safety and crime-prevention topics; and alerts and reporting about criminal activity in the area.

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