About the Executive in Residence

The Executive in Residence provides the support, guidance and resources to help students develop new entrepreneurial opportunities.

This leader also assists in the creation of programming for students and the broader community to share real-world expertise.

Patrick Yanahan

Patrick Yanahan ’94, MBA ’10 is Elmhurst University’s inaugural Executive in Residence. Patrick brings more than 25 years of business world experience to the role. He is an alumnus who earned both his B.A. in communications and an MBA from Elmhurst. He also holds an additional computer science for professionals certificate from Harvard University.

He serves as the president of USA Strategies, a business marketing firm based in Wheaton, IL, serving clients from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

Before his current role, Patrick spent the first part of his career as a regional marketing and sales manager calling on small and large businesses throughout the country. Many of these entities were owned by entrepreneurs, and he gained a tremendous about of knowledge by witnessing their daily operations and finding solutions to their business challenges.

In addition to knowing firsthand how to run and own a business, his expertise includes marketing, sales, operations, data analytics, strategic business plans, financial planning for small/large businesses, contracts, business legal aspects, website platform audits, backend development, and technology stacking in multiple markets.

Patrick has coached and inspired scores of Elmhurst University students through his company’s successful mentoring-protégé program, which is now celebrating its 14th year. He was a natural fit to encourage and energize our entrepreneurial students who come from all majors and backgrounds with their ideas.

Patrick has vast experience with assisting traditional for-profit and not-for-profit businesses, all the way up to high-tech-related solutions and student ideas. All students are welcome and encouraged to meet this in-house and exclusive resource that is unique to Elmhurst University.

Favorite quote about entrepreneurship: “The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” —Walt Disney

Philosophy on coaching entrepreneurship: “My philosophy is to provide an environment that leads to innovative thinking both individually and with teams. Find out what your customers truly want, help them first and the money will follow.”

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