Niebuhr Center for Engagement and Reflection

What will be your life’s work?

At the Niebuhr Center, you’ll find a community of students committed to a life of service, whether serving the greater good, fighting social injustice or leading a faith community.

The center is named for brothers Reinhold (1910) and H. Richard Niebuhr (1912), prominent theologians and two of the College’s most esteemed alumni. The work of the Niebuhrs endures because they considered enormous questions dealing with the value of human life, the problem of evil and America’s place in the world.

  • We aim to provide engaging experiences and meaningful reflection that helps students cultivate a sense of purpose and meaning in life.
  • We engage students from diverse backgrounds through a variety of programs and activities from sharing home-cooked meals to engaging in service projects on a local, national or global level.
  • In keeping with the College’s mission and vision, we help students confront moral questions and act on their responsibilities to make the world a better place.
  • We invite students from all fields of study.
  • Students of all religious traditions and value systems are welcome. Niebuhr Center students have access to a wealth of spiritual resources and programs through the College.

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