Niebuhr Center

Elmhurst College’s Niebuhr Center seeks to promote the conception and realization of one’s vocation for students, faculty, and staff alike.

Regardless of one’s religious identification, the College encourages its constituents to embody a spirit and demonstrate “faith” through reflection, discernment, and service. To encourage our students to contemplate vocation, students must first ask themselves, “Who am I?”

This question is critical to the evolution of the Niebuhr Center at Elmhurst College. The Niebuhr Center promotes the mission and vision of the College through programs that welcome students to Elmhurst and support their intellectual and personal growth. Through a wide array of orientation, advising, and mentoring services, the Niebuhr Center is a suite of programs that help students identify and understand their values, while recognizing their unique and essential roles in service to their peers, our community, and to the broader society.

Beginning in Fall 2018, the Niebuhr Center will branch out and include a robust “first-year student experience,” effectively establishing a true intra-campus collaboration between Academic and Student Affairs. Furthermore, the Niebuhr Center, working in collaboration with faculty colleagues, recently submitted a proposal to NetVUE (Network for Vocation in Undergraduate Education) to support a specialized first-year seminar course for open majors, as well as academic coaching for these students and a Niebuhr Faculty Fellowship position. The Faculty Fellowship will rotate among full-time members of the Elmhurst faculty who are interested in exploring issues of vocation with students at all levels and from all faith traditions.

The Niebuhr Center is comprised of three professionals:

  • Michelle “Frankie” DeLuca, director of the Niebuhr Center and assistant dean of students
  • Samantha Migatz, assistant director
  • Michelle Sadowski, assistant director

Located in the Frick Center and the Office of Housing and Residence Life in West Hall, Frankie, Michelle and Samantha are eager to have a positive impact on first-year students and the College through the Niebuhr Center.

Please visit Frick Center 220, Frick Center 240, and West Hall 166 to meet the professional staff.

Michelle "Frankie" DeLuca '07

Assistant Dean of Students
Office of Student Affairs

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