Niebuhr Center

Supporting You on Your Path

Elmhurst University’s Niebuhr Center supports and guides students, faculty, and staff to find and follow their unique paths and professions toward serving society and social justice, in the spirit of the Niebuhr legacy.

Social justice refers to the rights and/or obligations that weave communities together, and in this way addresses systemic injustice.

We realize our mission by supporting members of the college community with diverse philosophical beliefs, religious perspectives and academic disciplines, and encouraging reflection, discernment, service and social justice. To contemplate their path in life, students must continually ask themselves, “Who am I, and what do I owe to the community?”

The Center’s programs aim to promote self and community transformation by engaging students, faculty and staff in activities that prompt questions/reflection about personal and societal values, norms and practices:

  • Vocational programming
  • Teach-in
  • Social justice programming
  • Orientation
  • Spiritual life

The Niebuhr Center serves as a welcoming space for all, including first-year and transfer students. The organizational structure includes a first-year experience, transfer student support, and mentoring services. The Niebuhr Center will be a truly collaborative partnership between academic and student affairs, with reporting lines to both the vice president for academic affairs and vice president for student affairs.

Meet Our Staff

Michelle “Frankie” DeLuca ’07

Associate Dean of Students
Niebuhr Center

Samantha Migatz

Samantha Migatz

Assistant Dean of Students
Niebuhr Center

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