On-Campus International Student Orientation

What is the Purpose of International Student Orientation?

International Student Orientation is designed to help all F-1 international students as they begin their first on-campus semester in an Elmhurst University program.

Students will learn about F-1 regulations and how to maintain their status, campus resources, U.S. academic culture, the services the Office of Global Engagement provides, and campus events and activities while meeting other new students as they begin their journey at Elmhurst together. International Student Orientation is intended to help F-1 international students navigate their first semester successfully, with workshops and events planned throughout each year to provide other necessary and helpful information to be successful throughout their academic career.

All new F-1 international students are required to attend International Student Orientation, as well as complete the F-1 International Student Check-In Form. It is essential to do so to best be prepared for your journey in the United States and at Elmhurst University.

Please note: The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires F-1 international students check-in with their I-20 issuing institution before starting their program of study in the United States; attending International Student Orientation and completing the F-1 International Student Check-In Form online fulfills this federal requirement.

When does International Student Orientation occur?

  • F-1 International Student Orientation is held two times per year – during the week before Fall semester starts and during the week before Spring semester starts. This aligns with Elmhurst University’s semesters during which F-1 international students can begin their studies.


How long is International Student Orientation?

  • International Student Orientation is one full day, running from approximately 8AM-5PM. In the Fall semester Undergraduate and Graduate students split on separate days; in the Spring semester all students are in one day.

Chicago Day

Chicago Day is a welcome event scheduled in conjunction with International Student Orientation.

Chicago Day is an opportunity for new international students to the US and Elmhurst to experience Chicago before their academic journey at Elmhurst University begins. Students will take the Metra train into the city, go on a tour around Chicago hotspots, and enjoy famous Chicago deep dish pizza with Elmhurst staff and your fellow students!

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