Bachelor of Fine Arts Major

Students in the bachelor of fine arts (BFA) program engage in a wide range of coursework and studio courses, exploring mediums like photography, painting, sculpture and graphic design.

The program focuses on developing students’ skills as artists, creative thinkers, designers and problem solvers. The fine arts major is ideal for students considering a master’s degree in fine arts (MFA).

This major consists of:

  • Core curriculum courses
  • ART 235 Sculpture Studio
  • Two areas of concentration, consisting of eight studio courses at the 300- or 400-level
    • A minimum of four of these studio courses must be in the same studio area

Bachelor of Fine Arts Core Curriculum Courses

  • ART 113 Introduction to Art Software
  • ART 115 Drawing Studio
  • ART 120 Painting Studio
  • ART 125 Design Studio
  • ART 341 Survey History of Western Art
  • ART 342 Survey History of Modern Art
  • ART 443 Issues in Contemporary Art: Theory and Practice Beyond the Modern
  • ART 490 Capstone Course/BFA Capstone Course (requires a mandatory pre-capstone meeting)
  • ART 491 Capstone Exhibition/BFA Capstone Exhibition

Select one course from the following in Non-European art history:

  • ART 353 Survey of Latin American Art
  • ART 373 Survey of Non-European Art
  • ART 375 American Indian and Ancient American Art
  • ART 376 Art of India

Concentration Areas

  • Drawing/Painting
  • Digital Imaging/Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture/Ceramics

Portfolio Review

Students wishing to enter the bachelor of fine arts program must present a portfolio for review by the art faculty. It is highly recommended that the student candidate submit a portfolio in the Spring Term of sophomore year. Portfolios may be presented no later than the first term of junior year to be accepted into the bachelor of fine arts program.

Transfer Students

Transfer students above junior rank, including those with a degree in art from another institution, seeking a B.F.A. must take ART 443, ART 490, ART 491 and one upper-level studio course from the Department of Art. Bachelor of fine arts candidates must submit a portfolio and pass a portfolio review before admittance to the program.

Students with exceptional undergraduate qualifications in art may petition the chair of the Department of Art to waive and modify this requirement.

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