Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Students can:

  1. Explain the basic components of visual literacy: create and apply expressive elements and principles of art to produce effective visual compositions and interpret them.
  2. Use specialized skills and techniques in art making.
  3. Identify issues of importance of the art historical heritage of Western culture and of non-European traditions.
  4. Show expertise in a chosen medium of art, its history, masterworks of that medium, and their creators.
  5. Demonstrate personal forms of expression and professional expertise with a sense of self-identification, personal vision and the creative process.
  6. Interrelate theoretical, practical and historical areas of the discipline.
  7. Produce an integrated body of artwork that is cohesive and professionally exhibited.

Additional Learning Outcomes in Art Business

  1. Gain a basic knowledge of the content of the functional areas of business.
  2. Interpret numerical data and solve problems using quantitative methods.
  3. Integrate theories, methods and frameworks of the business and economics disciplines to analyze business problems.

Additional Learning Outcomes in Graphic Design

  1. Graphic Design Principles: Apply aesthetics and formal concepts of layout and design including: spatial relationships, visual communication effectiveness, interrelationships among imagery, text, balance, typography and color theory.
  2. Communication: Use of visual and verbal communication to present content and meaning effectively, oral and written skills to present concepts to employers, clients, and others; teamwork, collaboration and negotiation skills.
  3. Concept: Apply design concepts to produce successful visual solutions to assigned problems.
  4. Technical: Apply skills in industry-specific computer software programs to produce concrete projects.
  5. Problem Solving: Develop original, professional-level solutions to graphic design problems based on appropriate research and within specified parameters such as deadlines, audience, budget, construction and output considerations.

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