Major in Graphic Design

By creating an avenue for students to learn to effectively communicate in visual medium, a major in graphic design prepares students for professional fields in illustration, advertising, marketing, public affairs and media-based careers.

Intended for students who wish to enter into a graphic design profession after graduation, the major in graphic design provides the educational framework, experiential training—evidenced through a full portfolio—and professional preparedness necessary to compete in today’s market.

Core Curriculum Courses

  • ART 113 Introduction to Art Software
  • ART 115 Drawing Studio
  • ART 120 Painting Studio
  • ART 125 Design Studio
  • ART 341 Survey History of Western Art
  • ART 342 Survey History of Modern Art
  • ART 443 Issues in Contemporary Art: Theory and Practice Beyond the Modern
  • ART 490 Capstone Course (requires a mandatory pre-capstone meeting)
  • ART 491 Capstone Exhibition

Select one course from the following in Non-European art history:

  • ART 353 Survey of Latin American Art
  • ART 373 Survey of Non-European Art
  • ART 375 American Indian and Ancient American Art
  • ART 376 Art of India

Additional Courses

  • ART 216 Introduction to Graphic Design
  • ART 226 Typography Studio
  • ART 316 Graphic Design I
  • ART 326 Graphic Design II
  • ART 416 Advanced Graphic Design
  • ART 426 Advanced Topics in Graphic Design

Take Your Degree to The Next Level

Students who wish to pursue a BFA in graphic design must achieve acceptance into the BFA program and fulfill all of the above criteria, plus take ART 235 and four additional courses at the 300/400-level. These additional upper-level studios may be selected from the list of graphic design electives, or from another area of concentration within the department.

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