Graduate Certificate in Market Research

Take a lead role in business as a specialist in the growing field of market research.

With a graduate certificate in market research from Elmhurst University, you’ll be an asset to businesses as a researcher, analyst and decision-maker.

Solve Real-Life Marketing Problems

Get hands-on experience in marketing research projects through the D.K. Hardin Center for Market Research at Elmhurst University. You will also gain real-world business experience through a research practicum in which you help clients such as the Brookfield Zoo and Morton Arboretum.

Program Admission

To apply for the graduate certificate program in market research, complete the application for graduate admission and follow the instructions for non-degree students.

Market Research Certificate Program Format

With our signature EC Flex class format, you choose how you want to experience the class—online, onsite at our campus in Chicago’s western suburbs, or both. Webinars are recorded, so you can view them on your schedule.

Required Courses

.75 credit

An overview of marketing research focusing on key concepts and tools in the field. The use of primary and secondary data as well as qualitative and quantitative approaches from a strategic, decision-making perspective are covered. The course will cover the relevance of customer relationship marketing and consumer insight as well as data collection methods.

.75 credit

An in-depth look at the use of social and digital media and its application in marketing research to drive decision making. Emphasis is placed on appropriate application of social/digital media and data collection methods. Understanding and applying secondary data within business needs will also be stressed. A strong emphasis on application of skills will be provided in a live-case scenario.

.75 credit

Course will meet with an actual client to solve a strategic business challenge and marketing research need. Students will apply knowledge from MBA 583 and MBA 584 to determine management issues, identify research approach, and develop the survey instrument with a focus on data needs. Strong emphasis on project and client relationship management is also core to this practicum.

Prerequisites: MBA 583, MBA 584.

.75 credit

Students will meet with an actual client to solve a strategic business challenge and marketing research need. Students will apply knowledge from MBA 583, MBA 584 and MBA 585 to focus on data analysis for project from Practicum Part 1. Additionally, application of SPSS statistical software will be incorporated in the data analysis approach for client project. A presentation and report are developed and presented to the client with recommendations for next steps based on the research findings and analysis.

Prerequisites: MBA 583, MBA 584, MBA 585.


Elmhurst’s graduate certificate program in market research welcomes applicants who hold an undergraduate degree in marketing or a related field. Students must have successfully completed prerequisite coursework: principles of marketing or basic marketing and statistics. The prerequisite courses can be met through the student’s undergraduate coursework or transferred from another college or university. At least two years of professional business experience is required.

Market Research Career Opportunities

The expected rapid rise in the demand for market research analysts and specialists will make you highly sought after. Graduates of the certificate program in market research at Elmhurst will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to work in a wide variety of research settings.

Career opportunities in market research include, but are not limited to:

  • Director of Research
  • Research Analyst
  • Business/Market Analyst
  • Director of Marketing
  • Marketing Manager
  • Brand Manager or Product Manager
  • Market Research Manager
  • Customer Insights Manager
  • Account/Project Manager
  • Consultant

Sherry Smoak, M.S.

Director, D.K. Hardin Center for Market Research; Assistant Professor, Business and Economics
Department of Business and Economics

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