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Major in Multimedia Journalism

Build the Skills to Tell Compelling Stories

The multimedia journalism major provides students with the opportunity to become professional storytellers. Whether in print, on a video screen or in cyberspace, the story of our world—the events and history of our lives—is understood in narrative form.

Understanding how that narrative informs and constructs a public agenda in a free society is part of the theoretical knowledge of this major. Besides learning the practical skills of professional journalism, in print or online, students will learn how the media supports and is an agent of society and how the news of that society can be disseminated in multiple formats while adhering to basic principles of objectivity, timeliness and fairness.

Students are encouraged to gain practical experience through internships, by working on our university newspaper or by completing a practicum with our university radio station. The major is recommended for students who plan to pursue careers in print or internet journalism, in communication fields that specialize in digital media, or in graduate programs in media studies, communication or other social science disciplines.

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Major Requirements

Required Core Courses

  • COM 213 Public Speaking
  • COM 260 Media Writing
  • COM 316 Communication Theory
  • COM 405 Digital Journalism
  • COM 497 Portfolio Development (.50 credit)
  • COM 498 Internship Capstone
  • DM 299 Digital Storytelling
  • COM/ENG 305 News Reporting
  • COM/ENG 306 Advanced Reporting

Critical/Analysis Courses (Choose Two)

  • COM 211 Survey of Mass Communication
  • COM 315 Intercultural Communication
  • COM 329 Media and Cultural Identity
  • COM 411 Media Seminar
  • CS/DM 312 Ethics in Digital Technology
  • ENG 230 Readings in Race, Class and Gender

Technical Courses (Choose Two)

  • ART 113 Introduction to Art Software
  • ART 325 Visual Communication
  • CS 315 Web Design and Development
  • DM/CGE 399 Introduction to Video Editing
  • DM/CGE 497 Advanced Film and Media Production
  • DM/COM 375 Digital Media Practicum
  • MUS 333 Audio Engineering

Experiential Courses (One Credit in Any Combination)

  • COM 374 Radio Practicum
  • COM/DM 375 Digital Media Practicum
  • COM 468 Internship
  • ENG 365 Media Practicum

Minor in Multimedia Journalism

Required Courses

  • COM 211 Survey of Mass Communication

  • COM 260 Media Writing

  • COM/ENG 305 News Reporting

  • COM 405 Digital Journalism

  • DM 299 Digital Storytelling

Electives (Choose One)

  • COM/ENG 306 Advanced Reporting

  • DM/CGE 399 Introduction to Video Editing

  • DM/CGE 497 Advanced Film & Media Production

  • CS 315 Web Design and Development

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