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The role of media in contemporary society is constantly expanding. Specifically, the world of digital media is growing exponentially, creating a surge in need for new content, new technologies to make and distribute that content, and new content creators to produce it.

Elmhurst University’s digital media programs will equip students with the knowledge and skills they need for a dynamic career in film, television, game design, animation, journalism, screenwriting, digital marketing and beyond.

Choose From Three Majors …

An image of a soundboard, the type used by digital media students.

Digital Media

Students learn a core set of media skills and receive direct training in one of three tracks: digital audio and video production, digital animation and game design, or writing for film and television.

Some of the tools of multimedia journalism are shown.

Multimedia Journalism

With its combination of digital storytelling instruction, journalism courses and media production skill-building, this major gives students specifically interested in this field a dedicated plan of study.

A person is shown typing on a laptop as part of coursework in digital marketing communication.

Digital Marketing Communication

Prepare for the commercial production and social media opportunities of today’s media-driven workplace with a hands-on education in interactive campaigns.

Develop Job-Ready Digital Skills

Advances in digital media have opened up new opportunities for employment and artistic expression. From commercial video and audio production to the multibillion-dollar film and gaming industries, a creative career has never been more accessible or more attractive.

The core competencies students will learn in Elmhurst’s digital media programs will make them more employable—even in non-media-focused jobs, as employers are increasingly looking to hire job employees who are well versed in digital media technologies.

Recent studies show that liberal arts students who possess such skills double their chances of being hired and boost their base salaries.

All of the program’s curricula are collaborative and interdisciplinary, reaching across the University and utilizing the courses and faculty expertise of numerous departments, including computer science, English, communication, business, art, world languages, philosophy, theatre and religious studies.

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