Dean Jensen

Dean Jensen

Dean Jensen, Ed.D., MBA

IT Program Director, Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems

Dr. Jensen’s current research centers around the areas of Web and mobile application development, DevOps and Cloud Computing.

He has worked in the industry as a Vice President for Technology at Synergistic Networks, Inc., where he managed the concurrent activities of multiple project teams dedicated to the design and development of client-focused web applications, as well as overseeing the operation of the company’s internet data center.

  • ACC 565 Information Systems for Management Decisions
  • CGE 303 Computer Game Design
  • CGE 477 Computer Game and Entertainment Project Development
  • CS 220 Computer Science I
  • CS 315 Web Design and Programming
  • CS 405 Cryptography
  • CS 409 Computer Security and Risk Management
  • CS 440 Web Based Applications
  • CS 501 Windows Application Programming
  • CS 530 Database Systems and Programming
  • CS 547 Wide-Area Network Programming
  • CS 550 Web Development
  • GIS 100 GIS Programming
  • GIS 200 Implementing Geodatabases
  • IT 212 Computer Fundamentals and Logic
  • IT 228 Introduction to Computer Hardware
  • IT 312 Fundamentals of Networking
  • IT 323 Principles of Internetworking
  • MBA 509 IT Project Management
  • MDS 523 Data Warehousing

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