Graduate Certificate in Data Science

Maximize Your Potential With an Online Data Science Graduate Certificate

Degree Type: Graduate Certificate | Format: 100% Online | Department: Computer Science and Information Systems | Time to Degree: 1 Year

Big data, big opportunities.

Data science is a rapidly emerging field that many industries—and employers—need to grow their business or organization. Data science certificate programs allow you to learn about the field without committing to a complete graduate degree. At Elmhurst University, you’ll take the core courses offered in our highly ranked, STEM-designated Master’s in Data Science and Analytics program. That means you can learn concepts to use right away or, if you choose, go on to earn your graduate degree. Either way, with a data science graduate certificate, you unlock the potential to do—and make—more.

Data Science Graduate Certificate Program Highlights

The graduate certificate in data science at Elmhurst is a five-course sequence that will introduce you to fundamental data science concepts and skills. When you pursue your data science graduate certificate at Elmhurst, you can expect flexibility, affordability and top-notch courses.

Here’s what makes Elmhurst stand out among other data science certificate programs:

  • Part of a STEM-designated graduate program. Get your graduate certificate in a program that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recognizes for its focus on science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • The foundation you need to do more. Decide whether data science is for you, work toward a graduate degree or identify new career options.
  • Built with you in mind. Complete an affordable, flexible online data science certificate with five graduate-level courses in eight-week sessions.
  • Part of a top-ranked data science master’s program. Take courses that are part of Elmhurst’s Master of Data Science and Analytics program, which recently ranked as one of the Top 30 Best Online Data Science Master’s Programs of 2022.
  • Top-tier faculty. Learn from data science professors who have real-world experience in business, programming, infrastructure and machine learning.

What Can You Do with a Data Science Graduate Certificate?

A data science graduate certificate from Elmhurst University empowers you to achieve a wide range of goals. Many students choose a data science certificate online to gain graduate-level knowledge and skills without committing to a master’s degree. Others enroll in a certificate in data science program to learn more about the field and decide if it’s right for them.

Elmhurst University’s graduate certificate in data science helps pave the way to advanced education, as it features courses from the core curriculum of the M.S. in Data Science and Analytics degree. It can also be the first step toward a career in data science.

Data Science Graduate Certificate Careers

  • Data analyst
  • Data engineer
  • Data science consultant
  • Operations manager

Is a Data Science Graduate Certificate Worth It?

Because it’s not a master’s degree, you may wonder, “Is a data science graduate certificate worth it?” We say yes. The job market for data scientists has grown exponentially—and so has the need for related skills. Plus, we work to keep our data science certificate affordable, so you can decide if data science is for you without a large investment of time or money.

While many employers look for bachelor’s or master’s degrees in data science, a data science graduate certificate provides the foundational knowledge you’ll need to enter the field. It can also show you have data literacy skills — skills many businesses need to make smarter decisions. And, if you decide this field is for you, you can enroll in our Master of Data Science and Analytics program and finish it with just five more courses. If you’re wondering, “Is a data science certificate worth it?” we’re sure you’ll find that it is when you start your journey at Elmhurst.

Data Science Graduate Certificate Courses

In Elmhurst University’s online data science certificate program, you’ll take courses in data analysis, programming languages, business intelligence and more.

Five courses are required.

Online Data Science Graduate Certificate Courses

  • MDS 523 Data Warehousing
  • MDS 534 Introduction to Business Intelligence, Data Mining, and Predictive Modeling
  • MDS 546 Quantitative Methods
  • Students will complete two additional elective courses from the MDSA curriculum.

If a student chooses to complete the master’s in data science and analytics, additional coursework will include MDS 535, MDS 556, MDS 564, MDS 576 and one additional graduate elective at Elmhurst.

 The program director reserves the right to allow students to substitute required data science courses based upon an admission interview.

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James Kulich, Ph.D.

Professor, Department Chair of Computer Science & Information Systems; Program Director, M.S. in Data Science and Analytics
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