Minor in Language Arts Education

Minor Requirements

  • A minimum of 24 semester hours of coursework
  • No more than two courses (8 semester hours) from a major or another minor may be used to satisfy the minor requirements
  • No more than two courses will be accepted in transfer
  • Only students who are formally admitted to a teacher education program may earn this minor
  • Students are required to complete all courses with a grade of C or higher

Communications Course

(1 course; 1 credit)

  • COM 114 Interpersonal Communication
  • COM 213 Public Speaking
  • COM 218 Nonverbal Communication and Effective Listening
  • COM 315 Intercultural Communication
  • COM 317 Persuasive Communication
  • COM 319 Business and Professional Communication
  • THE 225 Acting
  • THE 340 Creative Drama

Content-Area Reading Course

(1 course; at least .50 credit)

  • SEC 421 Theory and Practice for Building Academic Literacies in K-12 Classrooms

Middle-Level/Adolescent Literature

(1 course; .50 credit)

  • ENG 315 Adolescent Literature
  • EDU 373 Picture Books and Adolescent Literature in the 4-8 Classroom

Writing Pedagogy at the Middle Level

(1 course; 1 credit)

  • EDU 430 Writing Pedagogy for the Middle Level


(at least two of the following electives to meet the 24-semester-hour requirement)

  • Any ENG literature course at the 200 level or higher
  • WL 209 World Literature in English
  • WL 320 Non-Western Culture via Literature and Film

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