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Broadfield Requirements for Secondary Science Licensure

Many of Elmhurst’s science majors enter the teaching profession, and with good reason: science teachers are in extremely high demand.

At Elmhurst University, we have created an integrated major program specially designed to prepare future science teachers. Students who select this major course of study are advised by faculty in their major and the Department of Education to ensure their success as future science teachers.

Requirements for Illinois Secondary Broadfield Science Licensure

Students seeking licensure in biology, chemistry, or physics will be licensed in Broadfield science with one of these subjects as their designation. This licensure allows them to teach biology, chemistry, earth and space science, environmental science and physics at the regular level and in their designation area at the AP and honors level. Biology, chemistry or physics majors can earn their licensure for teaching in middle or high schools by completing a specified course sequence in both their major (biologychemistry or physics) and in education. Students must apply for admission to the secondary education licensure program in the Department of Education.

Want More Information?

For more information on teaching science at the middle or high school science in Illinois and obtaining a license to do so, you should watch this brief presentation. After watching this presentation, if you want to further explore the possibility of becoming a science teacher and discuss what is involved in applying for admission to a teacher licensure program in the Department of Education, we encourage you to arrange a meeting with Dr. Theresa Robinson, who is the Broadfield Science Content Area Coordinator in the Department of Education.

Theresa Robinson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Education and Director of Secondary Education
Department of Education

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